Sunflower Land : Profitable Wheat Strategy

By extremist11 | Blockchain Inside Out | 25 May 2022

This is  Play 2 earn game on Polygon Blockchain , this is  getting popular day by day, it is still running  in BETA mode  but already got immensely popular among crypto enthusiasts .

The game is pretty simple and  easy to paly. Basic concept of this game is : there are few free plots to be precise it is 5 at the starting of the game and some  SUNFLOWER seeds to harvest.  It takes 1 minute to be cropped. 
After cropping the seeds into sunflower you can sell it into the shop and get direct SFL (Sunflower Land Token)

sfl price 

Last 19th May it got listed ,  it is  in good range I would .

Now coming back to the point ,you have 5 pieces of land to harvest  seeds at your hand  but ,another 17 pieces of lands are there and there is a twist  in the story, they are been protected by Goblins . You can get them by pleasing them with their favorite soup .  



 After getting all 22 sports to harvest you can do full fledged farming .   You can   harvest many things here according to the time  and those profitability varies with the amount of time.



 You can plan your own Strategy to harvest these according your time.


Right now I am preferring WHEAT and it is giving almost 30$+ every day  and here is the strategy explained in this video you can  check this out too.


Please let me know if you like this game or even my strategy.



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