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PIXELS PET UPDATE: How to Mint Pet | Slugger is important part in PIXELS

By extremist11 | Blockchain Inside Out | 27 Feb 2024

In PIXELS chapter 2 we are seeing a sea change in terms of earning , some elementary changed has occurred as well such as sunsetting the BERRY token and introduction of $PIXEL . After the launch of $Pixel we are facing some difficulty in  earning , obviously the team has already warned the players and they are fowling the footsteps accordingly.

The latest announcement from PIXELS team is that they are introducing  PIXELS PET from tomorrow , and this gonna be a very very important part of the pixel game in coming days as well. pixels pet

As per their announcement they will bring only 3000 pet capsule on 28th of FEBRUARY 2024 between 12am -2 am UTC, ( calculate your timing accordingly) and it will cost 500 $PIXEL , currently $PIXEL price is well above $0.5  to be precise it is  $0.57 , so it will cost around USD287, not a cheap pet at all.

Pixel Price

But the catch is they are bringing only 3000 PET to be minted this time  though they have promised that they will bring more pets in coming days but I am not sure about the price and the   PIXEL token price will also increase  for sure , so for next lot of pet minting will cost you at least more than 300 USD if not more.

My suggestion will be always try to grab the first edition of pet minting as you have to  mint any how if you wanna make some progress in the game.


another important point I must cover in this discussion is the slugger skills level, We usually don't take the Slugger skill that seriously. but if you see the order page , you can find some Jumebara head is coming every now and then

jumbera head

If you click  it you will find it is something produced from Silk Slug. that means you have to increase your slugger Level higher quickly.

Here is the full video how to Mint the PET and how to increase the Slugger Level quickly. Please checkout and let me have your kind feedback.



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