Ninja Technique to earn more BAT from your BRAVE browser

By extremist11 | Blockchain Inside Out | 24 May 2021


In This video I have shared two techniques , how you can earn more BAT every hour  and how you can  run more than one BRAVE BROWSER in your computer .

Yes it is true that you can run more than one BRAVE BROWSER simultaneously on your computer and you can connect with your already registered  uphold account very easily. all the Brave Browsers which are running simultaneously are eligible to earn ad revenue .

And at the end of the month if you have 7-8 Browsers ,each one can easily give you around 3 BAT in one month will be cumulatively 20 to 25 BAT from  your own computer .

At this moment market is bit down but it will surge  again and each BAT will move towards 2$ , so easy math for you

Say 25 BAT you earned from your computer in one month   eventually you earn 50$  just by browsing , Isn't it a good passive income?

Please let me know what do you think about this .


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