It Pays to walk. Another Crypto Project you can get in for free

It pays while you walk , run, jog whatever you do with your phone app on. 

"Sweatcoin is a free app which rewards your daily steps with a new-generation currency you can spend on cool products, donate to charity or convert into SWEAT".


This is the moto of sweat coin, This application is in the market for quite a long time but  recently they have decided to step into cryptocurrency world. and they will distribute the cryptocurrency for  free, the amount of coins you earned till the date they will  introduce their crypto in the market  you can easily convert your  coins into that much of crypto.

So far SWEATCOIN is the No 1 application  over 30 countries in the world. You can easily find the numbers  here.

no of of downloads

There are few more ways to earn free coins daily. so while you download you will find arrays of opportunities to earn this coin.
and lots of avenues to spend those even.

You can even donate to the betterment of poor child .

You can become influencer  but motivating more friends and family members into it , as this is not going to cost anything so you can motivate others easily. LOL.

SWATCOIN LINK: download from here

 if you  wish to know more you can go through my video here. 

                                              Details video on Sweatcoin




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