- the diamond in the rough that's ready to FOOTBATTTTTTLLLLEEE!!!! - the diamond in the rough that's ready to FOOTBATTTTTTLLLLEEE!!!!

By elemin | Blockchain Gaming1 | 18 Apr 2021

I want to talk today about a new find, a hidden gem,


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Footbattle is an idle fantasy soccer sim, where you direct a team of your choice, and compete against other players towards total domination!  I really did not expect to find this game so much fun, since I normally grow tired of idle games rather quickly...this has not been the case with footbattle, and I think you'll find so too.


I decided to go with Ireland as my team, because I'm mostly Irish, and they have pretty colors.  To my astonishment, we are now 12-3-1! Not too bad for someone who doesn't even follow Football! :) The characters are fun to watch, and there's a lot of depth with bringing on new people and getting rid of players who aren't performing up to par.  I can see where someone might be like a child in a candy store with optimizing the perfect squad. 

The characters are defined like this:



3c4c85118b3c535e77bf84b13b0a34e8af30c2591c55c8e9df5f071e6cd49008.pngYou can watch others play, flesh out your squad, go solo/PVP, or even go for the cup.  We took home 1st place with the Oceanic Cup! :)  Go IRELAND!!

02d1b7e1fdb4d70eab17c58d2efe294cc8b1af91be111c25c8e90e3b914cfe34.pngUnexpected gem here, I highly recommend you check it out...even if you're not a football fan. 

Out of all of the idle sims I've sampled, this one sets the bar high for the competition with the customization, presentation, and most importantly, gameplay.  It keeps things simple, and yet, at the same time, there's a surprising amount of depth here, too. 



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