RABONA Football Club Manager | Quick Starter Guide


A first in blockchain gaming, try your hand at managing a football club franchise!

Rabona immediately puts you in full control of your fledgling football club franchise, in charge of all the important decisions. The game currently costs $5 USD to purchase which gets you a new franchise and a basic roster of players. If you use a referral such as ours here you will receive a bonus 25,000 RBN [in-game crypto currency].

The additional 25k RBN is a good help to get you off the ground, as one of the first key tasks you may choose to undertake is scouting for new players to sign, which costs 20,000 RBN per player scouted. To start I scouted for 3 new players and was able to land a fairly talented backup goal keeper which I was pretty happy about.

After scouting a player you are shown their stats and can decide to sign them or not, if you don't sign them on the spot you have a 24 hour grace period to get them signed.


Earning Additional RBN

RBN is used to pay for scouting new players and for making key upgrades to your franchise, which is important in order to be competitive. To start you are provided with a list of basic tasks which will reward you with RBN. Some of these tasks are as simple as changing your franchise name!


Upgrading Your Stadium

Probably one of the more fun and rewarding activities other than winning matches, is upgrading your franchises stadium. Currently you're able to upgrade elements such as Stadium Capacity which allows you to sell more tickets. Managing stadium capacity is also where you are able to decide your ticket price, which by default is set to 25 RBN. 

Like any franchise manager game you'll be tasked with finding a balance between charging enough to turn a profit while not turning too many fans away. 


In addition to stadium capacity you are able to upgrade Catering Capacity, the number of Shops in your stadium, and your Youth Academy. All your moves and upgrades will be in an effort to make your franchise more competitive on the field and earn more RBN per match in your stadium. The aim is to build a franchise that is competitive and stable.

Managing the Financials

Like any franchise manager you're in charge of the money, thankfully we have a very clear and well organized financials tab. From here you are able to analyze your current earnings and expenditures with the aim of eventually turning a profit each season. Seasons last apx 1 week, so you have this time to scout players, make upgrades to your stadium, and set your starting roster for the upcoming season.

Start playing Rabona and get in early on the action.

The next season is only a few days away!





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