The Rise Of Blockchain Gambling - Introducing
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The Rise Of Blockchain Gambling - Introducing


In August 2011, turned into the very first poker betting site where all deposits were made in Bitcoin. Today there are numerous Bitcoin gambling sites to choose from. Most bitcoin gambling platforms offer zero exchange expenses with limitless, free and instant transactions. This is a milestone for the online gambling industry as payments often took several days to process. Furthermore, new possibilities like make micro payments gives gaming providers the option to expand their offers with e.g. crypto faucets. In addition, the invention of blockchain has helped to improve fairness and make betting more transparent for the player. More and more casino website now work with the so called Provably Fair System, what allows everyone to verify the fairness of a bet placed. This makes it way more complicated for shady casino providers to tamper with games and betting results.


All you need to know about

BC.Game casino is a decentralized application that was launched in 2019 by Media Games Malta (EU) Limited. Today the website is operated by BlockDance B.V. with an official gaming license. All in-house games are provably fair and the bet outcome can be verified at any time.

The platform accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies and allows users to deposit and withdraw them instantly. There is no wagering requirement for the first no deposit bonus, so create a free account and spin the wheel to test your luck! Beside that, BC.Game offers way more awesome features, rewards and bonuses what makes the gambling experience more exciting than ever before.

The interface is very user-friendly and looks "clean". All games are cross-platform compatible and may be played right in your browser, on your phone or tablet. registration
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Features, VIP system and provably fair games provides a massive load of features that have effectively captured the interest of a large number of players and gamblers in a short period of time. So, let's take a closer look at all of its mind blowing rewards and bonuses.


Provably fair games has one of the best in-house games compared to all the other crypto betting websites. All games are very well designed without any bugs, delays or other issues. So lean back, set up your free account and enjoy the experience of great provably fair games. game selection

Crash (with 1% house edge) , Classic Dice, Baccarat, Roulette, Limbo, Savior Sword (In-house slot), Cave of plunder(In-house slot), Egyptian (In-house slot), Multiplayer Keno, Keno Single, Hash Dice, Plinko, Oriental Beauties (In-house slot), Blackjack (one of the best known casino games), Video Poker, Wheel (at lucky wheel, every player gets a free spins each day), and Hilo, over 10000+ 3rd party slots, live casino.

What is provably fair?

In other words, provably fair is nothing else than an algorithm. It's grounded on technologies that allow generating online randomization in order to make the gambling experience more transparent and fair. The algorithm uses the benefits of the blockchain to generate random outcomes, similar as shuffling playing cards or flipping a coin. The great benefit that comes with provably fair, compared to the typical black box algorithms, is the great advantage that players can verify the fairness themself direct after the bet was made. For example a dice site uses three variables to calculate the roll result: server seed, client seed and nonce.


VIP and SVIP system offers a massive (S)VIP system with 69 VIP and 33 SVIP levels. The Level System sets 14 VIP Secret Treasures. VIP levels


Level rewards

There are rewards for every VIP level reached. The reward in these secret treasures is unexpected high and further increase with every new level.



Rakeback bonus

Simply mine coins by wagering. The percentage of rakeback bonus is pending on the player level. 


Rakeback bonus


  • available at VIP14 and above.
  • percentage increases as your VIP level increases
  • = Wagers * 1% * 15%
  • can be boosted with JB, up to 5%.


Weekly recharge bonus

Every 7 days you'll be able to claim a daily recharge bonus when you meet the requirements. If a player has wagered a minimum of $1,000 in the past 7 days, he'll come eligible to activate the Recharge. Once activated, your Recharge will be redeemable for the next 7 days. recharge bonus


The recharge at BC.Game can be collected at different time intervals and in 15 different crypto currencies. The player can choose between daily, hourly, and flash charge (every 10 min). Pending on the interval, the claimable amount changes accordingly.


Daily Lucky Spin

Every player can spin the wheel for free once a day. The prices vary from 10.000 JB to 1 BTC! lucky wheel


Task Hub

Another great reward system offers is the weekly task hub. Complete all daily tasks throughout the week and earn massive rewards! The higher your VIP level, the higher the rewards. task hub



On, payments are processed instantly to your wallet once you reached the withdrawal limit of around $20 for every currency. You can choose between different blockchains (ERC20, TRC20, BEP20), what will also lower the network fees for your transaction. registration
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With the invention of the blockchain and the continuous rise of cryptocurrencies the gambling industry is about to change completely. Secure and fast deposits & withdrawals makes it way more comfortable for players and casino providers to handle payments. Through the new and blockchain based Provably Fair algorithm the industry experiences a whole new level of transparency and fairness for both sides.

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Blockchain Gaming & Gambling
Blockchain Gaming & Gambling

Cryptocurrencies not only changed the way of payment, they also changed the way of online gaming and gambling.

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