FARSITE: New game on the ETH 2 network

By Brilli | Blockchain-Games | 16 May 2021

Welcome to farsite, an exciting new sci-fi game based on a post-apocalyptic story.With this blockchain-based game, we can mine to get tokens and cNFT.Farsite is built using a combination of distributed ledger technologies.

The first layer, represented by the Ethereum network, guarantees the ownership of the elements of the game and controls the supply and issuance of Credits (FAR Tokens).

The second layer built in Polygon houses virtual wallets and allows almost instantaneous transactions, with no exchange fees. Trading is done on this layer.

The third layer is where all the actions in the game take place. A hash summary of all Layer 2 operations is also stored here.

Farsite has a very simple interface, where you can find different elements in the upper left part. There are 4 elements to configure our game mode: Warehouses, Modules, Components and Boxes.

As the game has not started yet, you can join the Airdrop and complete the tasks to get extra equipment and be able to start playing for free. At the bottom of the interface there are 3 sections. One for referrals, one for the Airdrop and the last one to make a purchase in case you are interested in investing in the project.

You can get more information by clicking on different buttons on the screen and discover all the details and features.

You can use my referral link to get your first ship with the registration.


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