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By Luke B | Blockchain Games | 14 Jul 2020




Taurion runs completely on the “XAYA” network, meaning every action you make in the game is on-chain, Taurion is “EVE online” just on a planet!


Three factions left their chaos plagued home in hopes to find a better one for them, ending up in 3 nearby solar system out in the far reaches of the galaxy. All ending up on planets with low resources and harsh environments still fighting to survive all three factions pick up a rogue signal close by, they found a new planet called Taurion…

Now they fight for their ultimate survival!

Taurion Treasure Hunt #3

This is the third treasure hunt held by the Taurion team, over $10,000 in prizes and prizes from some of the biggest projects in Crypto!

You will be able to download a “Demo” version of Taurion and take part in this treasure hunt when released so make sure you subscribe so you are notified! https://taurion.io/treasure-hunt-3/




Adding new features to this tech demo meaning there will be plenty more things to do this time around, previously you could battle other players, explore the map, prospecting in-game prizes however in the upcoming treasure hunt there will be many more features and over 150 upgrades for 32 vehicles like “Missile Launchers” “Beam Lazers” “Faster vehicle Speed”, Prospecting/Mining upgrades plus many more features to have fun with even though it is only considered an alpha test with many more features to be added before it’s considered a true game!

Taurion puts blockchain in gaming, considering how new this technology is, Xaya have been able to provide scalability for developers allowing for games to be true blockchain games, running completely on-chain.

If you are or were a previous player of “EVE Online” then you will be familiar with how Taurion will look on the ground, a world of players all grinding on one planet to rule!




A Player Driven World

As this game runs completely on-chain, this allows real player-driven economies to spring into life, of course, once the full game launches. Trading, Combat, Exploration, Upgrades, building bases will all be broadcasted across the XAYA network meaning every player in-game will know what’s happening in the world around them also protecting against cheating.

You can see from the images shared above and below that Taurion brings freedom, decentralisation and fairness plus one of the most important reasons for using blockchain in gaming is “Ownership”, each player gets full ownership of their in-game assets, and more importantly how those assets are required in a provably fair way (Developers can’t create assets out of thin air devaluing your own). This for me revolutionises gaming!




What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a distributed ledger that is accessed through Peer to Peer (P2P).

This is composed of individual “blocks” that are linked to each other in a “chain”. Each block contains transaction data. Making this a distributed database where everyone keeps their own copy of that database. As new blocks are created, they are P2P broadcast and each participant adds that block to their copy of the blockchain.

What is Xaya?

A blockchain gaming company that combines traditional concepts with blockchain technology to decentralise gaming experiences for both players and developers, Xaya aims to make it possible for all developers to bring their ideas to life no matter the complexity and with scalability!

Ubisoft Partnership

Xaya recently made it into the fifth season of “Ubisoft’s” entrepreneurs lab which is huge, being one of the biggest game producers/publishers in the world this hold massive potential for projects like Xaya with their games like “Taurion” “Soccer Manager Elite” which have been widely popular throughout the Cryptocurrency industry!

Read the full article here, Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab


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