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Farsite is an upcoming MMORTS game with DeFi and NFT elements.
This time we're going to take a look at Farsite, an upcoming space-themed MMORTS sandbox with decentralized financial elements and NFT guarantees.
Farsite is a browser-based game and comes from the team at MegaCryptopolis, a well-known virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain that has paid out millions to users.

There is an Airdrop if you sign up today with in-game item rewards for completing easy social tasks.

With little effort and time, you will get guaranteed boxes to help you progress through the game faster. In addition, we will receive a small compensation at no cost to you and you will support our work.

Sign up for Farsite using our link.

The advance order will be made today, May 31 with special boxes and credits inside.

Farsite gameplay

As a community-owned world, players can choose from different career paths.

Some jobs to play to win at Farsite could be

Delivery: transporting goods safely between planets and stations.
Commerce: Dominate the market and benefit from the needs of others.
Recruit: Recruit pilots and receive lifetime rewards for their actions.
Explore - Discover the universe and search for rare materials.
Rule - Gain control of a star, develop, tax, and prosper.


the planets

A concept that you may be familiar with, players can own planets in the form of NFTs. It is not only the planet that serves as the base for a colony, but also the valuable resources.
The planets are divided into sectors, and if there are resources underneath, the excavation sites are just what is needed.

In Farsite, all planets will be unexplored, and as players travel the vast universe, new worlds will be discovered and made available for acquisition, colonization, and resource extraction.

There are also several different types.

Let's take a closer look:
Toxic: Extreme atmosphere, these planets are not habitable.
Organic - Similar to Earth's climate, the atmosphere can be deactivated.
Stone: It has no atmosphere, only resources and maybe water.
Ice: only frozen water and gases.
Gas - no surface at all.
New types to explore.


Farsite uses a form of token collateral for use within the various financial activities of the game.
Think of it as Enjin's ERC-1155, where you back NFT with ENJ tokens.
Some NFT use cases are in-game loans. The token will be used as collateral for organizations and individuals to request money, then we have storage of value.




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Blockchain Games, Reviews
Blockchain Games, Reviews

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