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Feni,Bangladesh.Dristic of Feni Dagonbhuiya, village protap pur there have a Old house which the name is Protap pur jomidar House.*In the place of Dagonbhuiya some Prevalent Generation as like Chowdhury, Bhuiyan,Patwary etc, *PROTAP PUR one of them.Lot of people coming to see this house and lot of drama shooting was in this house.cause this house looking is horro house so lot people come to make horror film in this house,In The time of British Rich man *@Rajkriahno Saha he was the mentaineer of this house,and he can manage all with her five soon stayed in the house.People say the birth is the house i mean making this house in the year of 1850.This home name is Big house which calling the people of the village and near the area,In this house there have lot of Ponds and this fonds make beauty of this house.There was five house all of 2nd floor type.Around the all house was lot of forest and tree which looking to see horror place.In the roof of the building have some forest which so exclusive to look.When you enter in this home at first you seen a tree of a Furit of @Chalta this tree so long and so wide. After cross this tree you can see a gaite wich so exclusive design.

How to go:
From dhaka you have to come first in the feni by bus or train,then from feni you have to come Sevar hat Bazar by bus or texxy or CNG, then PROTAP PUR Jomidar house by CNG or texxy.

This house is well known house so any body show you to find this house if you ask any body.

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