#MyPublish0xAuthor: Scott Cunningham (@scottcbusiness)

#MyPublish0xAuthor: Scott Cunningham (@scottcbusiness)

By cryptokib | Blockchain Dominion | 24 May 2020

The beauty of platforms like publish0x are that they give each of us a voice. In this day and age, we all have something to say, don't we? And we'd like people to hear us say it (myself included)! 

While that's great, the consequence is that said platforms are absolutely packed with content and we are bombarded with endless information. That's why when you find a platform, or more specifically an author, that is worth following - you stick with them. They become one of your go-to sources, if not the main one. 

Publish0x, just for example, has many great authors that actually do produce decent content. But there is one in particular whose work I have come to really appreciate and that is the one and only Scott Cunningham. Here are the reasons you should be following this guy on and off publish0x: 


1. He specializes in a field

Many authors just want to write, especially when it's a general blog or a writing platform. They will therefore write about anything they fancy: cars, tech, whatever. Eventually, their page becomes a mishmosh of various things, some of which you may enjoy and some of which you may not.

When you visit Scott Cunningham's page, you know what you're getting: crypto and blockchain. 

2. He's consistent

Speaking of pumping out articles, it's a known cardinal rule in the world of content that if you want to develop a readership, you should get them used to a routine or schedule of anticipation. I believe the authors of Penny Arcade said that once, which is why for many years they declared ahead of time that new panels go up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

In Scott's work, you can find a similar level of consistency. He publishes at least one article every 1-3 days. No dry spells here. And you know it's worth visiting or refreshing his page at least once a day. 

3. He's transparent

Theories and speculations will only take you so far. At some point, you need tactics that are tried and true. 

Great examples of this are Scott's monthly "Earnings and Metrics" reports. He has written on several occassions that he set a goal to reach $500 CAD monthly earnings from his content (which he has since very proudly stated that he achieved). In his April report and March report he goes into significant details, including numbers, financials and other metrics. He really puts himself out there, which legitimizes not just his content but also himself as an individual and author. 

Furthermore, it gives the rest of us real data RE what's possible in terms of earnings as a content writer and/or publisher. 

4. His content is well written and concise

Suffice it is to say -- Scott Cunningham does his due diligence. And when people respond with constructive criticism, he responds back in a becoming manner. 

Furthermore, the length of his articles are very appealing. Much like they would appeal to Goldilocks: they're not too big, not too small... just right! 


At the time of writing this, at least several other people have either chosen to single Scott out as a worthy author or to at least include him in their list. A large group of people can't all be wrong. 

So if you haven't checked out his material yet, head on to his publish0x page and show him some support. Let's see if we can double his monthly content goal. 

Thanks for your hard work, Mr. Cunningham! Keep it up! 

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