Bitcoin City, a title that is now disputed by several territories of the planet

Bitcoin City, that kind of sacred title that resonated in El Salvador in 2021, is now disputed by several territories around the world. From El Salvador itself, to Brazil and Honduras, these are places that compete to be recognized as true cities for Bitcoiners, while we continue to wait to find out what will happen with the project presented by Nayib Bukele almost 3 years ago.

Two cities are competing against each other in El Salvador. While one of them only exists in project form, the community that lives in the other is inviting the community to emerge as the true Bitcoin City. To do so, it will be necessary to gain notoriety in the ecosystem that revolves around the world's first cryptocurrency.

The competition to recognize the true Bitcoin City is in full swing. In itself, a neuralgic territory for innovation and development of projects related to the ecosystem.

The Bitcoin City project presented in 2021 by the president of El Salvador is the city expected and dreamed of by the Bitcoin community, although it remains an unfulfilled promise by Nayib Bukele.

It would be the world's first Bitcoin City, "a perfect place for cryptocurrency investors and ecosystem companies to be part of the Bitcoin world and wallet," as described by the presidency of El Salvador 3 years ago.

The city project already has its first inhabitant. This is Corbin Keegan, an American who lived for more than two years in the area where Bitcoin City was promised to be built, with the idea of ​​becoming the city's first resident.

Keegan says he has temporarily left El Salvador, but says he remains “100% committed” to living in the world’s first Bitcoin city.

In El Salvador, they claim that there is a Bitcoin City in progress

One of the cities competing to win the title of Bitcoin City number one is located in the department of Usulután, very close to the municipality of Conchagua, department of La Unión, where the Salvadoran government promised to develop its project. This is the Bitcoin Berlin citadel, where, for a year now, a community has been growing that promotes its city as the city that the community has been waiting for.

Gerardo Linares, one of the leaders of this citadel, points out that there is no need to wait for politicians to build a Bitcoin City, because there is already a city that has all the conditions to be considered the first bitcoiner city in the world.

He believes this is because they are promoting the adoption of bitcoin in the area and so far they have more than 100 businesses that accept the pioneering digital currency as a payment method.

On the other hand, they point out that the Conchagua volcano that should supply energy to Bitcoin City does not have a geothermal plant. However, the geothermal power plant in Berlin has been fully functional for years and provides energy to a container of Bitcoin miners within its facilities.

This means that part of the plans that the government of El Salvador announced more than three years ago for Bitcoin City are already underway in Berlin , although the first stone has not even been laid.

However, in addition to El Salvador, there are other territories that also compete for the title of Bitcoin City, such as Próspera , a private city located on the Caribbean island of Roatán, in Honduras. In this place, bitcoin is not only accepted as legal tender, but is also used as a unit of account.

There, Eric Brimen, CEO of the project, is leading the construction of a city for libertarians on at least 5% of the mainland of Roatan Island. Despite this, the initiative is mired in conflict.

In 2022 the government headed by Xiomara Castro voted unanimously in favor of the repeal of the law and constitutional amendment that allowed the establishment of special zones, including Próspera. These zones, where various foreign investors are located, have the power to operate under their own regulations autonomously from the central government.

The current government has recently adopted the defense of sovereignty as its motto, criticizing the special zones promoted by Juan Orlando Hernández, the former president currently imprisoned in the United States. On the other hand, Próspera is advancing as a Bitcoin City that has a bitcoin teaching center financed by a digital mining project in Paraguay.

Which will be the real Bitcoin City?

And while the government of El Salvador remains silent on the future of its Bitcoin City project, two Brazilian communities have emerged as the fastest-growing cities in the world.

Bitcoin is here!, in Rolante, Brazil, had become the largest and most important Bitcoin city in the world, with 194 locations to pay for products and services using only the pioneering digital currency.

Its enthusiastic community organized festivals and activities to promote the adoption and use of bitcoin, but flooding caused by the rains that hit the area in May of this year drove thousands of families from their homes, so now, the most bitcoin-friendly city in Brazil is in the process of rebuilding.

Now, among the territories with the most businesses accepting bitcoin as a form of payment is Arnhem Bitcoin City, according to data from BTC Map. It is one of the first cities in the world to promote the use of bitcoin in daily life. Therefore, this city located in the Netherlands is among the most Bitcoin-friendly cities in the world and a candidate to win the title as the most bitcoiner on the planet.

The city of Arnhem that has earned the nickname Bitcoin City is gaining ground it had lost for years.

Porto Alegre Bitcoin is also on the list, another Bitcoin citadel in the Brazilian nation, where there are 111 commercial establishments that accept BTC as a means of payment. This is the fourth citadel project to grow in the Brazilian territory, one of the places in the country where it is believed that one day a standard based on the first of the cryptocurrencies will be established.

Ultimately, the competition to become the true Bitcoin City is tighter than ever. While El Salvador is still failing to deliver on its promise, cities like Bitcoin Berlin, Próspera in Honduras and the emerging communities in Brazil are emerging as strong competitors in the race to become the global epicenter of Bitcoiners in Latin America.

Whether one of them wins the title of Bitcoin City will only depend on the place chosen by the world's Bitcoiners to live with greater freedom.

Some believe that it is a place where there are no taxes, others say that it should be a futuristic metropolis where cryptocurrency-based projects abound, while there are Bitcoiners who think the opposite. The latter do not care what country it is developed in, they just prefer to be out of the reach of decisions made by governments, so for them, the best Bitcoin City will undoubtedly not be one developed by the authorities of El Salvador, but one in some remote place, like a jungle, for example.

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