You Can Now Buy Crypto Inside DApps, Here’s How
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You Can Now Buy Crypto Inside DApps, Here’s How

By alexroan | Blockchain Developer | 20 May 2020

Buying crypto has never been so easy

Buying crypto has always been a bit of a pain. For most people (like me), it involves going through a major centralised third party like Coinbase. To be quite honest, if newbies to the crypto space ask me how to buy some, I generally point them towards Coinbase.

There’s a lot wrong with the whole experience though. For a start, the KYC is tedious. Your account is fairly restricted until you go through several time-consuming layers of it. Withdrawing your crypto can take days to weeks sometimes. And until then, you don’t have control over your funds.

Let’s not forget the numerous outages they seem to conveniently have every time the price of Bitcoin significantly moves.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could buy crypto without all this hassle, and have it go directly into your private wallet? Well, now you can.

Ramp Network

Using Ramp Network, any developer can integrate a wallet top-up service directly into their DApp. No manual KYC, just a simple, straightforward bank payment with a few clicks.


What’s even better about Ramp is that it’s so easy to integrate into your code. It can be done with as little as 2 lines of code! Check out the documentation for more details on how to integrate.

import { RampInstantSDK } from '@ramp-network/ramp-instant-sdk';
new RampInstantSDK({hostAppName: 'My DApp', hostLogoUrl: logoUrl, variant: auto'}).show();

Here’s an example of a DApp I created which uses Ramp. It connects to your Metamask account, then uses Ramp to top-up your account:

1*5SZT4g31Y4LvYeSr-oaXBA.gifClick image to activate Gif

You can find the code for this application on Github.

Right now, Ramp only supports Ether and a few ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network, but it’s a great start. With cross-blockchain protocols being developed, and better support for web2 to web3 interoperability, it won’t be long before the pain of obtaining crypto assets is history.

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