Publish0x Idea

Publish0x Idea

Since it's not my crypto to throw around, I can only make recommendations.

This is purely for the sake of Publish0x engagement and excitement. Just like how everyone on P-0x earns crypto, all users can partake. 

So, what's the "big" idea here? Glad you asked... the tip of the day, of course.

For simplicity's sake, let's say the grand prize is $2.

Every 24 hours, one tipper is randomly chosen. The reader gets $1 and the author gets $1.

At today's prices, that's a lot of $HYDRO for a single click!

Again, not my funds. But sounds like fun to me.

Peace and love and happy Friday, everyone!



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Blockchain, Crypto, & AI
Blockchain, Crypto, & AI

Emerging tech is poised to disrupt modern society for the better -- the blockchain uprising has only begun. I love tech, and sometimes the feeling is mutual.

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