NFTs of Blockchain Gaming: KOGs on WAX 1st Edition 'Staff' Collection

NFTs of Blockchain Gaming: KOGs on WAX 1st Edition 'Staff' Collection

Part 2 of 9: Defining 300 Staff KOG Borders and Designs


Uncommon ‘Benny’ KOG with Yellow Border #21

A few days before the sale of 1st Edition KOGs on WAX NFTs, this collectors’ guide went live. But the world had no way of knowing actual figures until after the 3-hour sales window closed forever.

In other words, this series goes deeper into specific KOGs details. And by the time it’s over, we’ll have examined 112 different non-fungible tokens. Instead of making an enormous post, this series divides the entire collection into nine distinct sets.

KOGs Starter Packs contain 25 KOGs, and Booster Packs include 6 — both are (maybe) still selling on AtomicHub. With a total of 6,622 and 6,183 respective packs sold or reserved for giveaways, only 202, 648 1st Edition KOGs NFTs will ever exist.

Now that packs are tearing open — over 56% so far — and NFTs are minting to the WAX Blockchain, the secondary market is taking shape.

Amassing 1 of all 3,414 1st Edition KOGs is a challenge for even the most active collectors! How will you even know what piques your interest without a first-hand look?

Well, that’s what this 9-part series is all about.

Part 1: 1st Edition Slammers

9 Staff Mementos & 1 Badass Logo

Unlike the 1st Edition ‘Slammers’ collection, every KOG in the Staff set falls into the Uncommon category.


Community data provided by Pineapple Pete & Anyobservation

While there are no Pineapple or Neon or Jeweled Earth borders, every Staff KOG is available in three distinct border shapes and five different border colors:

Staff KOG Border Types

  • #19 - 21

Staff KOG Border Colors

  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Teal
  • Yellow

So, 3 styles x 5 colors x 10 designs give us 150 KOGs in the Staff set. But we can’t forget about the elusive foil versions — boosting the overall count up to 300 variants. Good luck collecting them all!

Let’s kick things off with the first KOG in the entire 1st Edition …

KOG #1: RFOX Logo 

Before KOGs on WAX and before RFOX Games, there was — and still is! — RedFOX Labs. 

And the very first time I saw the project’s logo, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the red and black motif.


Uncommon ‘RFOX’ KOG with Red Border #21

And from the looks of the inverted logo blasting into space — to the moon? — there’s no shortage of creativity on the design team.

KOG #2: Benny — The CEO

Without the experience, foresight, and leadership of Ben Fairbank, there’d be no NFTs to discuss here.

How many CEOs personally respond to community questions on Discord and Telegram? That activity is ultra-rare indeed!


Uncommon ‘Benny’ KOG with Red Border #21

And if you’re an active member of the KOGs community, you’ve probably interacted with Benny himself.

The man’s an unsung blockchain legend! And now, his impactful legacy can withstand the test of time. That’s right, Sir ‘Bitcoin Benny’ is now an immortal digital collectible.

KOG #3: Dimxy — The Tennis-Loving Blockchain Developer

While most of the game’s staff members didn’t design the graphics themselves, each gave input into the layout of their KOG.

Reading real deep between the lines, Dimxy enjoys the court life when he’s not coding away behind a keyboard.


Uncommon ‘Dimxy’ KOG with Red Border #21

The Dimxy KOG is coated in RedFOX goodness and looks stunning with a red border.

KOG # 4: Arclegger — The Creative Head

Raised in an arcade and a lifelong study in gamification, Arclegger’s expertise shines throughout the entire KOGs series. Lucky for all of us NFT collectors, Arc is at the helm of the newly formed RFOX Games.


Uncommon ‘Arclegger’ KOG with Teal Border #19

Since KOGs is a proof-of-concept mobile title, we can expect the ecosystem to markedly mature as blockchain tech catches up with modern-day video gaming — Arc’s field of specialty.

KOG #5: Joe — The Mechatronics Engineer

Joe is a longtime member of the core RedFOX team and a tech wizard responsible for many of the game’s individual components.

Transparency — like public blockchains — is what’s especially interesting about the Joe KOG.


Uncommon ‘Joe’ KOG with Yellow Border #20

And if you’ve been keeping up with the KOGs Discord server, you know the Joe KOG acts as a unique window into the Easter Egg hunt.

KOG #6: Shaun — The Community Manager

Now we’re getting into meme country with the Pepe-inspired Shaun KOG. Shaun is the glue that keeps the RedFOX community together.

If you’ve been following the project since its early days, you most likely bumped into Shaun on Telegram. And when you did, he was there for you with a helpful answer or to point you in the right direction.


Uncommon ‘Shaun’ KOG with Orange Border #21

All that hard work paid off — how many people on Earth can call themselves a KOG without sounding all corporate? Not many!

KOG #7: Jon — The Boardriding Writer

This guy loves to write and prefers riding an illuminated snowboard under full moonlight and a red Aurora Borealis.

You can find Jon’s contributions over on the RedFOX blog, where he’s been posting content for well over a year.


Uncommon ‘Jon’ KOG with Red Border #19

The Jon KOG feeds off of Dimxy’s by stepping off the blockchain and into the world of sports — while still retaining the alluring RedFOX color scheme. I have it on good authority that the initials on the trees are not related to the Easter Egg hunt!

KOG #8: Glen — The Co-Founder

Glen wants YOU to play KOGs! He’s also a marketing genius who spends his time in RFOX headquarters designing brilliant campaigns — and heaps more. The startup life is most definitely not for those who enjoy their sleep!

The Glen KOG showcases a black and white theme that pops the borders and creates a unique look, unlike others in this set.


Uncommon ‘Glen’ KOG with Purple Border #20

Glen is a key player in the KOGs ecosystem, and the project benefits tremendously from his diverse expertise.

KOG #9: Quoc — The All-Star Designer

Quoc’s been lending his artistic skills to the project since it was nothing more than a twinkle in Benny’s eye.

His outstanding workmanship shines bright in the Quoc KOG, featuring digitized blockchain elephants.


Foil Uncommon ‘Quoc’ KOG with Teal Border #21

Quoc’s art is also on display elsewhere in the KOGs 1st Edition — including the gloriously pixelated 8-Bit collection.

KOG #10: Wade — The Mystery Man

If you take a trip deep into RedFOX history — hint: use the Wayback Machine  to view the RedFOX Labs website— you’ll discover that Wade is one of the project’s original co-founders.

While he appears to prefer his activities stay on the down-low, the Wade KOG is still one of the most outlandish in the Staff collection.

This one could even serve as a Slammer — the ‘Skye Princess’ is about to cast Lightning level 1 million!


Uncommon ‘Wade’ KOG with Orange Border #19

No matter Wade’s level of public involvement, he’s important enough to warrant his very own 1st Edition KOG.

Wrapping Up

The Staff collection excellently represents each team member’s unique style. And, like its real-world predecessor — POGs — imparts the feeling of variety. In other words, the art styles are much different from one NFT to the next.

The upcoming games will see players pit their KOGs against one another in tournaments and online battles. Keep in mind that some of these NFTs act as currency for accessing special in-game items and events!

Now that you know all about the 1st Edition Staff collection, the next article in this series will begin with KOG #11 in  the ‘8-Bit’ set. See you back here soon!

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