Smart-working during Covid-19: Tips for enhancing your working at Home experience!

Everyday number of people obliged to working from home to maintain social distances is increasing consistently. Not always the environment is perfect and allow you to get the better performances especially when location are not adequate or simply in case of numerous family members moving around (kids, domestic animals, neibourghs..). Herein some suggestion based also on my personal experience aimed to improve home working conditions and work-family balance.

Key pillar: don’t try to replicate your in-office work routine! More convenient to start working on environment, attitude and working location.

Here some useful tips:

  • Get dressed and maintain a morning routine: get ready for the work day by showering, brushing your teeth, and putting on clothes other than pajamas
  • Set both personal and physical boundaries, like leaving your bedroom to work or your sofa just to dive in and relax
  • Remove distractions: set up a dedicated working space, preferably with a door to separate yourself from outside distractions. Ensure that domestic animals are properly feed but not leave them to distract you during working hours. Take a break with them instead after every hours in front of your laptop/PC screen
  • Plan your week and use lists and tools to stay focused: create a schedule and share it with others family members so they know your free or busy time
  • Keep work and life balanced: Maintain regular work hours and routine, including a lunch break and coffee break
  • Set clear boundaries between work and family time
  • Practice relaxation activities like deep breathing to unplug after the work day
  • Fight loneliness: check in with your co-workers, personally and professionally, whether by email, phone, or connectivity tools. Join virtual coffee breaks or happy hours using videocall
  • Stay inspired: increase inspiration and focus with your favorite music
  • Personalize your workspace with a supportive chair, spacious desk, or other items
  • Break up your day by getting up, stretching and breathing in some fresh air outside: open a window and let sounds from the outside come in

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