The decentralized fight against Corona
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The decentralized fight against Corona

By SylarHeisenberg | blockchain-blog | 31 Mar 2020

In an initiative, the Netherlands is focusing on the use of technology to counter the corona pandemic. Blockchain is also being used in this initiative.

With the corona pandemic, the world has found a common central problem. However, the fight against it, in knowledge sharing and research, is decentralised.

Last week, for example, the lobby organisation "Public Matters" launched the "Tech against Corona" initiative to unite technology companies in a joint fight against the spread of the corona virus.

Various companies are making their software solutions available free of charge. Governments, aid workers, nursing staff and hospitals can then use them in the fight against corona. According to the official website, the cybersecurity company Cybersprint, among others, has provided its software to protect hospitals.

Tymlez tracks medical supplies

TYMLEZ, a company that provides a block chain infrastructure for tracking medical supplies, is also involved. The use of block chains allows for the tracking of breathing masks or disinfectants.

According to official information, more than 10 companies are currently involved in Tech against Corona - the aim is to bring more companies on board and to create an interface between private technology companies and the Dutch government.

Blockchain and Bitcoin against Corona

In the past, however, people have launched a number of initiatives in which the use of block chaines is intended to help against the pandemic. For example, the Blockchain Bundesverband has presented a blockchain solution for a kind of digital euro. The "Diggi"-Coin is intended to help support the economy by giving the federal government the opportunity to mingle consumer vouchers in the form of digital coins among the people.

The whole thing happened at the #WirvsVirus initiative under the patronage of the German government. Nearly 43,000 participants* took part in the campaign, working together to find technological solutions to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, in Italy, the Red Cross accepts donations of Bitcoin. With the help of the crypto company Helperbit, the aid organisation has already been able to collect over 3.2 BTC (at the current Bitcoin exchange rate in about 19,000 US dollars). The money will be used to set up aid stations and expand the medical infrastructure.

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