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Cointiply's Arena: Closed Temporarily, or For Good?

By Crypto Eric | Blockchain Auditor | 2 Dec 2022

I had just written a backgrounder on the gambling game on the Cointiply faucet, the Arena. You can find that here:

That article focused on the results of the 8th series of battles, with some tips on coming away with funds - grab the "blue guy", level up judiciously, add a little luck ... bang.

Ready to test that theory again, I encountered the following:

No more Arena

With no warning, the Arena had closed for business. All the bones were still there, and there was no announcement. But enter the game, pick a hero, click the button to BUY NOW and ... sorry, we're closed.

Will it re-open? Was it a failure? Is something better on its way?

Come to Cointiply and find out.

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