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Fun with the Faucets: Winning with Cointiply's Arena

By Crypto Eric | Blockchain Auditor | 1 Dec 2022

Cointiply's "Arena" is a gambling game on the popular crypto faucet. As the site describes it,  Arena is "a fun new way to win Coins. Purchase Arena heroes & upgrade your heroes throughout the month. Every time a hero is purchased, the Arena prize pool increases. At the end of the month all heroes get automatically entered into Arena battles, where they will battle other heroes for Coin prizes."

This game began earlier this year, and the eighth monthly round has just concluded.

Each individual hero has a series of attributes, or ratings, including luck, power, health, energy and agility. Purchasing a hero will cost from 16 cents US to $1.35 US, where a higher price will give higher ratings. 

Upgrading the hero will strengthen them even more. During the course of the month (the battles happen at the END of the month), you can upgrade your heroes for 10 cents each time. The amount of the level up available for 10 cents (1000 coins) will differ; sometimes, 10 cents may only purchase 1 single level increase. Other times, it may be 50 - 80 times. With careful timing and investing, you can make a stronger hero at a fraction of what other people are paying.

At the end of the month, the battles begin. The battles are designed with a lot of luck and with initial battles between more evenly paired combatants. It is possible to win a few coins even with the least expensive heroes. Whoever wins a low level battle will get a portion of the sum of the coins from the two combatants.

However, as the heroes are thinned down working toward an ultimate winner, higher level, upgraded heroes will have an advantage. However, luck still is at play, and the results do not mean that everyone who throws money at the problem will win. They stress it is NOT "pay to win".

After the fact, you can watch a "simulation" of each of your battles. They don't reflect the math, but if you want to see a battle, you can "Watch" the battle.

Let's look at a list of the final 100 heroes, who fought for and shared the bulk of the prize pot. Note this is in decreasing order of "Hero Level", and not in decreasing order by earning. However, it is clear that the heroes listed at high levels won good sized amounts- $80, 90, up to $2,000.

Top 100 Heroes

In the screen shot above, you can see some of the top 100 heroes of the November (Round 8) battle. You will notice that two of the characters (out of 60 possible choices) dominate this round: the blue fella ($1.08) and the green nasty ($1.34), There is another hero priced between those two, but the Luck rating is lower. And the games favor luck.

The highest earner won 20 million coins; at 10,000 coins = $1.00 US, that's a $2,000 takeaway. What did they invest? We don't know for sure - they may have put a lot of money into others that didn't win. What we know is that they levelled this one up to level 771,622 at a cost per level of 15. So they put 11,574,930 coins ($1,157.49) on top of the initial $1.08 to win the $2,000, a net win of more like $850

Most of the heroes in this list have relatively low CPL (cost per level). These users watched the upgrade rate and purchased their levels when the cost per level was low. Let's look at some more winners.

Additional Top 100 Heroes

We see the same two characters dominate here, but another character is here is well. Although much less was invested in upgrading these heroes, we still see $20, $30 and $40 ... but again, at what cost? Some of the upgrades were done cost-effectively, with CPL at 14, little was invested. One user has a level of 346 at a CPL of 14, so put 5000 coins into the upgrade. For the hero ($1.08) and upgrades (.50), they won $21.00 - but again, we don't know what they may have lost in other characters.

This list has entries with CPLs of 31, 66 and 70. Those users paid 3 - 5 times as much in upgrades as the others.

If everyone follows this advice, it will no longer work, but a few months back, a user shared their strategy:

1. Purchase one of the top two characters, with the highest luck ratings

2. Upgrade, but only when the 10000 coins will get you 50-80 levels.

Please note:

1. I do NOT recommend gambling to anyone, and many people can get carried away, losing their investment and much worse. Because luck is a large factor, some people will throw money at it and win, but many will throw money at it and lose. Arena is a long game; you can purchase your heroes any time during the calendar month and upgrade then as you will, but the battles take place only at the end of the month; if you are looking for quick wins, this is not how to do it.

2. These are NOT NFTs. At the end of a round, all heroes are gone, and you must start new for the next month/round.

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