Clever writing or cheap shot? Rebooted "Night Court"

By Crypto Eric | Blockchain Auditor | 24 Jan 2024

There is a reboot of the venerable US situation comedy "Night Court". The original ran for 9 seasons starting in 1994, depicting a fascinating ensemble of eccentric characters coming together in a New York courtroom. The reboot has brought a blend of old and new to some critical and popular success. 

The most recent episode centers on a group of shyster attorneys, called "Pellino and Carnes". You can read the transcript here.

But here is the thing. The actual law firm the show lampooned, Cellino and Barnes, is one with friction and tragedy. In 2017, there was a rancorous lawsuit between the two partners. They broke up. Barnes was killed in a small plane crash in 2022, a few months after the firm officially dissolved.

Those of us in the influence of their highly advertised practice have their earwig of a jingle indelibly in our heads. I probably remember their phone numbers (454-2020 - or 854 or 654, 888-8888) better than my own family's numbers.

What do you think? Was the huge influence of their years of practice transcendent with a life of its own? Is mocking a company ... and indeed a human who tragically passed away in an accident -  tone deaf at best?


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