Chat Room Confidential: Stress and the Unofficial Chat Room Moderator

Chat Room Confidential: Stress and the Unofficial Chat Room Moderator

By Crypto Eric | Blockchain Auditor | 4 Apr 2021

Some people just want to see the world burn

For a little more than a month, I have been spending more time in the chat room of the crypto faucet site Cointiply than I have spent exploring its earning opportunities. I have gained a great respect for the developers that have tried to provide a rich experience for visitors with sufficient learning tools for global visitors. I have become very impressed by those who devote hours of their day to try to help the never-ending influx of novice users who seem to be reading from a script of basic questions endlessly answered within and without the chat but ignored by newcomers. And I think I may be suffering post-traumatic stress syndrome from visitors who seem to come only to want to see the world burn.

Challenge 1: History vs Current Reality

As any developer knows, programming updates take precedence over documentation updates. Over its 3+ year life, Cointiply has changed its features and how it interacts with users. Cointiply has a web interface as well an Android app. Each has its own interface, documentation and related marketing materials. And each has its returning veterans who seek to help newcomers, but bring conflicting information on what was or should have been, and not what is. 

For example, until recently, you earned the in-app currency (1 coin = .0001 USD) while sitting and typing in the chat function. That changed. You now click to enter a "Rain Pool", and are then encouraged to go elsewhere in the service to earn; that earning elsewhere increases the pool and the user's respective share. The app does not reflect that in its menu; the Google Play Store description does not reflect that change; the internal documentation still says good chat will be rewarded while spam will not.

Therefore, a large portion of the chat traffic comes from people asking how to earn from chat, typing in content hoping that it will be counted as good content for the reward, and even veteran users pushing back that they have been rewarded just for sitting there in the past.

Challenge 2: Ik spreek niet zo goed nederlands

Cointipy is a very English language centered web site. The chat is supposed to only be in English. Most of the ads and surveys are in English. But many people desperately looking for online earning opportunities do not speak English. So the chat gets taken over by people who can't speak English and are in dire straits. No matter how often you type "Use Google Translate", it doesn't help. And those who would try to help them understand the situation in their own language are not permitted to do so either. Seems like the official mods spend half their time deleting entries that are not in English.

Challenge 3: People don't want to read ... except from the script

Most of the basic guidance is everywhere: in the help area, in materials you are supposed to read when signing up, repeated by the conversational robot Cointibot ad nauseum ... but no one wants to read it. So there are 10 things (actually more, I just like a round number) people ask over and over and over. Here's my list of the top 10, in no particular order.

1. I'm new here. Hi.

Great. Good for you. So many people seem to expect a one-on-one, individual guided tour. Hundreds and thousands of messages roll through in an hour.

2. I don't understand what is going on

As above. Lots of stuff to read.

3. Is this for real? Has anyone withdrawn?

Not sure why they think the folks active in the chat would say, "No, it's all a fabrication, and we spend our time here anyway."

4. What can you do here? What is this all about?

How does it work?

I especially like this question from the people who have downloaded the app. Why download an app if you have no idea what the app is for, how trustworthy it is.

5. Which is better, Bitcoin or Doge? What's a wallet? What do I do with the earnings? Why can't I withdraw the .003 USD I earned today?

I lumped these together. People know they need money and Cointiply is offering money. They haven't got a clue about the rest of it.

6. How do I earn quickly? Why doesn't Cointiply provide fast money for me in my region? It's not fair the surveys and offers are higher for those in specific regions. It will take me days/weeks/months to earn anything meaningful here.

Yes, the user is the product Cointiply offers to the survey providers and advertisers. And if no one wants to pay for survey respondents that are not important for them, Cointiply does not have a mission to make up the difference.

7. How do I level up?

You level up by earning more.

8. Why can't I post my referral code to Publish0X, discuss the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God), or try to chat up a potential mate?

Perhaps a bit ironic that Cointiply encourages referrals, but prohibits discussions about that in chat. Everyone has something vitally important to share, and a few year's experience shows that the chat will disintegrate if everyone can sell, tell, or push whatever is of interest to them (no matter how important) unless it comes up organically.

9. You stink. This site stinks. Everyone lies.

  • Cointiply has something called the Multiplier. It lets you gamble your earnings. It is weighted 3.75% to the house, but is provably fair. People lose money.
  • Surveys dump people out, often after many minutes and many entries.
  • Connections go down, and payments don't happen.

Sorry this has hit you on a bad day.

10. I'm here to watch the world burn

OK. not in those words. But the trolls. So ... many ... trolls. Why do they want to get into arguments with kind volunteers who are just trying to help newcomers to make a few dollars, which can be life changing in a number of countries? SO MANY MEAN PEOPLE. So many entitled people.

11. How do I earn from chat? Do we make money just by typing here?

Oh Cointiply. Please change your app, your documentation, your advertising. I feel bad for the volunteer mods and the visitors. They changed that. Many, many hours in the chat, and not a single hundredth of a penny for helping in the chat.

Lessons learned

It has been a fascinating experience to be part of this community. Given the pandemic, I am quite isolated from my traditional social structures, and have found some wonderful and supportive regulars. Conversing with people around the world is fascinating. And sharing tips with others ... even if I would be far better off just doing some brand-building on more traditional platforms ... has had its own reward.








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