Ethereum Gold and Capital for beginners

This is a beginner's guide to Ethereum Gold and Ethereum Capital.

To avoid any confusion, let's cover the basics first. Ethereum Gold and Ethereum Capital are the same thing, just using a different web interface to interact with Gandhiji (IND) contract.

What is the Gandhiji contact then? It's a contract that was created at the beginning of May 2018 and has been growing exponentially since then.

This contract lives on the Ethereum network and allows its participants to earn interests based on the community buying and selling tokens.

Passive income generator

The contract is designed to generate life long passive income, the longer you stay in the contract the more you will earn.

Every time someone buys into the contract and buys tokens, you will earn dividends.

Every time someone exit the contract by selling the tokens, you will earn dividends.

When you enter the contract and buy tokens, you will immediately pay a 20% fee, for example if you spend 1 ETH you will endup with an amount of tokens equivalent to 0.8 ETH and you would have spent 0.2 ETH in fees. These fees are not lost though, they are distributed as dividends.

Half of the 20% fee taken from you (so 0.1 ETH in this example) is distributed to all token owners in the contract, the remaining half (the other 0.1 ETH) will be distributed to all token owners once you sell your tokens.

Also, for every token bought, the value of the token increases. For every time a token is sold, the value of the token decreases.

All these rules and baked into the contract and cannot be changed, giving a very good security on what to expect.

This is a very basic example just to give you an idea on how this works.

Is it worth it?

Recently the contract has seen an increasingly high influx of participants and the more activity there is on the contract, the more people are buying and selling, the more dividends are generated and distributed to all participants.

I've bought into the contract and I can share what I'm seeing so far with you. 

So what's the dividend returns? Based on current contract activity, I'm seeing a dividend return of 0.26% per day, or 1.83% per week or 8.12% per month. These numbers will vary widely based on contract activity and I'm only sharing what I'm experiencing myself just now.

Also remember that the initial ETH amount you invest in the contract is converted into the contract tokens that go up and down in value depending on market activity.

I will start a journal where I will post regularly my progress over the next weeks and months.

How to get started?

First you will need a good browser, Chrome works very well, and you will need to install the Metamask extension which will allow you to interact with the contract. You can see how to install Metamask here.

Then you will need to move some ETH into your Metamask wallet and connect your Metamask wallet to the contract. You can do this either via the Ethereum Gold or Ethereum Capital portal.

You can check a quick how to guide on how to buy, sell, withdraw and reinvest tokens into the contract here.

List of links

As I mentioned earlier, the contract is secure and on the Ethereum network, the way you interact with the contract is via an easy to use web interface.

There are multiple links you can use and I'll share below the official primary and backup links so that if one becomes unavailable for any reason (server maintenance of downtime) you can still interact with the contract via a backup link.

Ethereum Gold and Ethereum Capital are different interfaces, which one you choose depends on your personal preference.

Ethereum Gold - Primary

Ethereum Gold - Backup

Ethereum Capital - Primary

Ethereum Capital - Backup

There is also another interface you can use, specifically designed for the Indian community, which you can find here

What if all web interfaces are down? Not to worry, since this is an Ethereum contract you can still interact with it via the

Just go to the Contract tab , click on "Write Contract" and click "Connect to Web3"


Accept the connection on Metamask and refresh the page.

Now click on Connect again and the icon should become green and show "Connected"

From here you can Withdraw your funds (option 1) or reinvest your dividends (option 11). I tried this myself and I can confirm it works perfectly fine.

Please let me know if you have any question in the comments.

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