This book teaches how to make money with bitcoin and blockchain, and you can get it for FREE (limited time)

We have published a new executive interview with author Sir John Hargrave and talked about his recent book titled "Blockchain for Everyone". 

The conversation was interesting and Sir John and his team at Media Shower are working diligently to take this space forward. 

He has a tie up with DAI Group to give away $25 in DAI for everyone who purchases the book.  Book costs around the same price, so essentially, book is free for those who buy it before DAI reserves run out.

Again, we have NO tie-ups with the author or the publisher.  We just want our followers to take advantage of this before the DAI reserves run out.   

During the interview, Sir John talked about how individuals who are skeptical about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can still be invested in this space by investing in companies that are working in the space, like Facebook, IBM etc.,

He also talks about the 'Steady drip' method in which you put in some amount of fixed money in a portfolio to increase your position without risking a lot.

He said that he teaches people how to be invested in Bitcoin and selected altcoins in his book which is written like a fiction with a story line and characters, all of which is based on his own life and journey.

Link to the article where you can find the $25 offer.

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