PRIVACY: Why we desperately need blockchain based solutions?

What do Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook have in common?


They all want to to screw your privacy. 


However, they don't want to do this on National level.  On National news they are Pro-Privacy and advocates of our constitutional rights.  

However, on a State level, they are investing heavily to lobby against privacy laws.  According to an investigative report from Yahoo News (I know, not sure why we still have Yahoo around, but we have to give credit where it is due)..."Lobbyists on behalf of tech titans like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple have been pushing to stop data privacy bills from passing through state legislatures."

Two days ago, I was talking to my wife about 'renting' a truck.  Remember, this was a conversation over morning coffee.  We did not utter that word before and we NEVER searched for that term anywhere on the internet.  But thanks to Siri on our iPhones, this is what I see when I checked my Safari browser few seconds later.


I am not opposed to having targeted advertisement.  If I search for something online, I can bear to be bombarded with relevant ads.  But, I have never entered that word in any search query.  I have not emailed anyone about that word.  All I said was the word "truck" over a cup of coffee in my home.  


The most screwy thing about this is, I own an Apple phone and that ad is from Google ads.  For the competitors they claim to be, I am surprised that Apple Phone let Google access my conversations (which I do not remember giving any explicit authorization for, unless "we will screw your privacy" was in the 100000 page fine print) on a Safari Browser (which I believe Apple is responsible for?).

Just to be clear, I am not under any illusion of privacy.  I am just concerned about the extent of this invasion.

When I heard about Samsung TVs spying on us, I have tried many a times to order pizza through the TV, "Hello, if you are listening to me, I would like a Large Pizza."   Pizza never arrived, however, the ads related to Pizza did!

Can Blockchain solve this issue?


Blockchain is not a panacea. 

If blockchain is leveraged by entities like Google, Apple and IBMs and we end up relying heavily on Private Blockchains, then this intrusion will not stop, it just happens on a different platform.

I do not know the answer here.  

I am just dumbfounded by the intrusive behavior of these giants.

There has to be an answer!

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