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Topps + WAX Blockchain Bringing Adoption For Digital Assets (NFT's) w/ Garbage Pail Kids?!

By binici | blockchain-101 | 19 May 2020

Hear that? Yup, that is the sound of opening collectible card packs... Ok, not like the traditional way, but in a new fashion! Blockchain, that is the way!

Are you spectating and trying to find a good reason to invest and/or dive into the blockchain and cryptocurrency tech space? Well, these are the times to do so. Every generation or so; new technologies emerge that bring innovation and creation to the forefront of civilization. This time around, amazing things are going to happen and expand the way we perform p2p (peer-to-peer), buy, sell, trade and think of money.

Let's discuss traditional collectible cards that come in foil, plastic and of paper packs. We tend to purchase collectible cards to seek value (those gems), collect and possibly use them to play (if they are used in a collectible card game). Tangible goods are always valuable, but what comes afterwards can be improved upon. Let's say you are a collector, but the cards you opened aren't near perfect, are lost/stolen and could possibly be in a market that is susceptible to forging and fakes. Blockchain can alleviate the mess in dealing with fakes, high reselling fees and can make it efficient to transfer goods without the stress of shipping and handling!

What Topps and the WAX organization have done is create a new kind of frenzy for a new type of collector breeds. If you are reading this and know about Garbage Pail Kids, then my hats off to you, but if you are a youngin, then expand on other products, which can be transformed into digital assets and NFT's (non-fungible tokens)! I have a great overview video, which touches upon the concepts of the blockchain platforms and how the tech works essentially (see video below).

In simple terms, blockchain can be a way to publicly verify transactions in a transparent manner with great efficiency, as to avoid fraud and latency issues with transfers. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are used on these blockchain platforms in order to pay for costs (nothing is free, even if you mail a letter using your postage service), reward end-users and fuel the dApps (decentralized application) as a utility. All this can be viewed through blockchain explorers, which display all the transaction and asset details like any application you may already be used to.

Evil Eddie - GPK Asset

Expanding on the NFT's, which are digital representations of a real world item, you can specify how many of those items are to be created in existence (minted), track all the details and avoid duplicates, fakes and most importantly losing the item(s). This makes the assets lucrative because everyone has a sense of how many items are in production, can create a real market and obtaining the items can be done with a click on a button. What excites me is the free market for the cards that are selling, especially with the new Garbage Pail Kids. Yes, trading is great, but let's be honest... We want to make some profits, right? The Garbage Pail Kids series 1 packs (regular and mega) are all sold out and selling for either four to five times the retail price! Not only that, singles are sky rocketing in demand, which makes the price of items find a true value! Finding these items on eBay or website market places, such as will provide you with a sense of supply and demand currently for Garbage Pail Kids (see below).

ADAM BOMB sells for over $1,000!


Well, I think you have a general idea how technology can bring about innovative ideas for collectibles and how much fun and wealthy one can benefit from this new tech. Continue to research and learn, so that you are well equipped and knowledgeable in the categories of blockchain to have a competitive edge over others who are trying to profit in this industry as well!

Thank you and good luck on your pulls (if you're lucky to find packs for cheap)!




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