Wubits Affiliate Program: Earn 0.30 MATIC and Monetize Your Content

By alberdioni8406 | Barraca Crypto | 22 Jun 2023

Wubits unveils its affiliate program where each invitee can earn 0.30 MATIC.

For us content creators, writing is what dignifies us, and the more publishing platforms, the better. In the past, I had the privilege of inviting many of my readers to Torum, and together we could earn some tokens, as they also have a similar program.


Wubits is a social platform where creators can publish their work and have the privilege of earning tips and also selling or monetizing the content by sharing it with friends and family (and/or enemies), thus earning points that can be converted to Matic and directly paid to the Polygon wallet upon redemption.

Recently, they introduced an affiliate program in which both the inviter and the invitee can earn 30 points (0.30 Matic), which can be converted when reaching 100 points directly to the Polygon wallet stated on the website. Having a Wubits account is highly advantageous because, in addition to earning free Matic, creators have the opportunity to maximize their content by generating sales for it.

Creators can use their skills to raise funds when deciding to sell content to an audience eagerly awaiting to appreciate and see the value of the offered content, thereby opening doors to greater content monetization for creators and increasing the desire to share online content.


Therefore, Wubits is a platform that bears some resemblance to Publish0x, but unlike the latter, they do not have a tip fund, and the creator is at the mercy of the reader to give a tip if they find the content valuable and deserving of an incentive to continue publishing and sharing content. However, there are several other ways to monetize, such as:


If you are looking for a new place to publish, interact, or simply hang out with other crypto enthusiasts, Wubits is a platform you should check out. It is undoubtedly legitimate, and before writing about it, I inspected it and also made some redemptions, and the funds were transferred correctly to my Polygon wallet. Now, let's go! Join my team on the platform, and you will receive a welcome of 30 points (0.30 Matic).

Join here. [Note 👈 link Gives you 0.30 MATIC when you join Thru, so if you wanna participate join using It]

Always DYOR.

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