Twitter mastermind teen hold more than $3.3 million worth in Bitcoin!

By alberdioni8406 | Barraca Crypto | 3 Aug 2020

The allegedly teen of 17 years old connected with the Twitter hack incident occurred on July 15, 2020 hold more than $3.3 million worth in Bitcoin.

The mastermind behind the most popular Twitter hack in the history was arrested on July 30, two weeks after the incident and accused with 30 felony charges and accordingly to Tampa bay news the bail have been placed on $725,000 after the Judge decided to charge more than $25,000 for every successful attack he made, that represent 6 times more what this young "criminal" managed to steal from his victims on Twitter.

On the audition to determine the bail, his attorney uncovered that his client hold more than 300 bitcoins, also noted that in the past year 2019, the teen was accused in another crime and his assets frozen, which include 400 bitcoins and $15,000 in cash, all charges in that case were discharged after he paid a fine of $25,000. The assets where given back to the teen, but not the full 400 BTC but 300 BTC and didn't disclosed why that happen.

The case is still running and plenty of new info will be unclosed when the trial goes live. The court Judges decision also took in consideration the possibility to "escape", with led the justice team to confiscate his passport and allowing only Attorney and closest family to visit him after paying the fine. He must not use any computer device and will be using electronic bracelet.

Just to remember that he was arrested and more two partners accused of participation in the Twitter hack, charges of money laundering, association to commit wire fraud and others have been placed to the duo, read more at Tampa Bay news.

For his Age and his holding assets is clearly to understand that something isn't right here, that belonging aren't from an inheritance and anyone can conclude that, the teen have a " criminal" past, but before I take my own perceptions and conclusions I will be waiting to see the trial developments.

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Take care.

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