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Publish0x - Definition and Overview

Publish0x is a cryptocurrency-based blogging platform that rewards both authors and readers for their contributions. It operates on a model of content sharing, where users can publish articles and earn tokens as a reward for their content.

In addition, users who read and engage with the content can also earn tokens. The platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies to tip authors and readers, including Ethereum, ampleforth, Spot and more.

Publish0x was founded in 2018 and was officially launched later that year.

The founders of Publish0x are Ivo Georgiev and Dzenan Ridjanovic. Their aim with the platform is to provide community-driven content sharing platform that rewards both authors and readers. By incentivizing quality content creation and engagement, they hope to foster a thriving community of users who are passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Furthermore, Publish0x aims to help promote the adoption and understanding of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technology by making it accessible to a wider audience through its platform.

Publish0x differs from other blog platforms in several key ways:

  1. Token Rewards: Both authors and readers can earn tokens for their contributions to the platform, creating a virtuous cycle of content creation and engagement.

  2. Multi-Cryptocurrency Support: Publish0x supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, ampleforth, spot and more, giving users the flexibility to choose the currency they prefer.

  3. Community-Driven: Publish0x is driven by its community, with users voting on which articles are featured on the platform and contributing to the overall direction and development of the platform.

These unique features set Publish0x apart from other blog platforms and make it a unique and innovative solution for content sharing and community building.

Publish0x has an ambassador program that allows users to earn additional rewards for promoting the platform and growing the community. Ambassadors are given unique referral links that they can share with their friends and followers. When someone signs up for Publish0x using the ambassador's referral link, the ambassador earns a portion of the tokens that the new user earns from their content and engagement on the platform.

The ambassador program provides an additional way for users to earn rewards and helps to grow the Publish0x community. Ambassadors are encouraged to be active members of the community and to promote the platform in a positive and responsible manner. The program provides a win-win situation for both the ambassadors and the new users they refer, as both earn tokens for their contributions to the platform.

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