Onecoin Ponzi scheme going to Hollywood and Electrum wallet users lost $22M to hackers.

Onecoin Ponzi scheme going to Hollywood and Electrum wallet users lost $22M to hackers.

One more week just got started and the cryptocurrency field is already with exciting news, with the media covering the most hottest news from it, and I picked some that could interest my audience to stay up-to-date with them and here we go:

1.Onecoin Ponzi scheme going to the screen in Hollywood.


The well known Ponzi scheme that hit the market in 2014 to compete with Bitcoin, as they founders said so, will be stared in a movie in Hollywood dubbed Fake and will have in the main character the actress Kate Winslet, who will be one of the investors who got investment stolen and lose money from the prominent scammers Rusla Ignatova and her team of criminals.

To remember that Onecoin scam is until now in crypto the main fraudulent business happened on it, with almost $4 billions in lost from creditors who bet on it.

In 2019 the Department of state (DOJ) from United States charged some leaders of this famous scam and the brother of Ignatova was arrested and face a sentence of life in prison for fraudulent business, wire transfer, money laundering and many other accusations against him when the master mind of the huge crime still on the run.

Now the story will be on Cinema and many could watch what Onecoin did to many victims who fall on it and lost savings of a life believing in the scheme.

2.Electrum users lost $22M to hackers.


Users of the famous wallet Electrum have fallen in a scam led by "Masterminds" in crime, that tricked some to download a malicious software that triggered the users storage to send the cyber criminals amounts of Bitcoin they had on the wallet without their permission.

The criminals used a pop-up malicious software that when clicked allowed the hackers to control users wallet and in consequence of that more than $22 millions were stolen from users private wallet.

I first wrote this trick months back and now a report from a well known firm attest that and have more much data to provide in how this cyber "punks" have been stolen money from Electrum wallet.

It's always safe to remember to not download extensions or click in malicious links on dashboard wallet that aren't familiarized with them, as this can harm and still people's funds, never trust no one with your funds or even give your private keys to people pretending to be "helpers" as they must be scammers.

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