More than $700M in TVL on the new Uniswap fork, Sushiswap protocol in just 3 days on business!

The decentralized finances (DeFi) protocols are just going insane, with the new Uniswap fork, the well acclaimed and misterious Sushiswap protocol with just 3 days of announcement in the market locking up more than $700,000.000 in total value locked on the protocol.

This is something that is becoming insanely dangerous and also very profitable, the Sushiswap protocol is an unaudited smart contract protocol deployed by anonymous developers leaded by a person with a pseudonym Chef Nomi with claims that the new fork is a better version of Uniswap and have a governance token, the SUSHI token.

This "food" names DeFi projects doesn't have a good moves on the market and I will just waiting to see if isn't a boost like  YAM, the viral DeFi project, which becomes very popular and within couple of days died miserable due to a serious bug problem in the smart contracts.

This new mania token SUSHI is traded for $3,62 and seems that will grow up insanely on the DeFi market, just in Uniswap protocol liquidity of $1B, $698M was coming from people earning SUSHI tokens.

Let's see what the coming days will show off about this new Uniswap protocol, the SUSHI thing, sounds delicious to eat but they are serious on business?

Time will tell!

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