Famous middle Eastern Restaurant chain converts entire cash fund into Bitcoin.

A famous middle eastern restaurant chain based in Canada-Ontario dubbed Tahini's have converted all their entire cash fund reserve into Bitcoin.I

The restaurant chain conversion fund in crypto follow the recent Millionaire Bitcoin acquisition by MicroStrategy, who purchased roughly 21,474 BTC for $250M, proving that companies are switching their reserves in cash to Crypto and choose Bitcoin as a store of value, which is anti inflation and is more secure than Fiat in long term run.

The based Canada Restaurant Chain, which "is the best middle eastern restaurant in the world", decided to transform the cash fund into Crypto following the same directives which took the giant MicroStrategy to adopt Bitcoin as their primarily reserve fund:

  • A better store of value and offers a much better alternative to saving cash.

I believe that this continuous growth on the interest by companies in Bitcoin as reserve fund will led to a new run to secure the asset, which will catapult the prices on market and we could be imminent to testimony a whole new all-time-high on the price of the asset. Recently the Major U.S Investor Billionaire Warren Buffet, bought and invested in a Gold Miner , securing that as store of value with many Crypto experts agreeing that the move done by Buffet could push the BTC asset to reach $50,000 as people and firms are looking for better ways to store their savings.

Governments are printing more money to maintain their economies reliable which could led to devaluation of Fiat currency, institutions and wealthy people will run to buy Bitcoin to store their asset on, and that is clearly seen in Grayscale Bitcoin Hedge Fund, which one more time invested millions worth in Bitcoins in the past week!

This is just the beginning and more wordwide firms will embrace Bitcoin reserve Funds to protect their capital against inflation.

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