DeFi: Scam vanish with $20M after two days of launch! another hit and run DeFi scheme just vanished 2 days after launch taking with them $20M in customers funds.

Life savings from people on different parts of the world have been stolen with the criminals on the run now after invented a well organized scheme which convinced creditors to enter in this mania of DeFi huge profit returns. The criminals made a huge campaign on telegram, medium, twitter and builded a website to host the "fake" project and promised to be the one, giving immense returns from their tokens.

Unfortunately that was a well orchestral and monumental scheme which took with them $20,000.000 from victims, with this ones now crying while the "Yfdex gang" on the run with they project on exit scam and their bag filled with all that amount may be now on Fiji Islands living like magnates using peoples funds.

Now their official websites, Twitter accounts, Telegram are offline in a complete state of abandon...investors who have Heart problems may be now hospitalized due to the incident with all that losses who wouldn't?!

I believe in some of this projects that appear on the DeFi world but many of them I bet that 90% of them are pure SCAM and are targeting peoples funds, and this won't stop, people aren't thinking right now and believe that in a glimpse could be rich, and that is a full plate for criminals that want money and will use smart contracts to convince people to invest with them! First was the case of SUSHIswap who showed some flags of exit scam, but the founder transfered the admin keys to the FTX CEO and saved the investors to a new heart attack!

Invest but invest wisely and only put on hold just what you can afford to lose, scammers are always looking to steal from people and cause more victims.

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