DeFi boom: an overview to TrustSwap project, innovational and high usecase smart protocol.

By alberdioni8406 | Barraca Crypto | 7 Aug 2020

It's not new the prominence on the DeFi ecosystems, this decentralized finances smart contract protocols have taken the Ethereum blockchain to an higher level, with many projects on DeFi focusing in non custodial lending and with no middleman interference, they have become the main purpose of people to borrow money using collateral in crypto.

Cryptocurrency assets are getting more visibility and adoption worldwide, with many using the ecosystem to grow their money investing in assets that worth their time and with useful usecase. Decentralized finances (DeFi) are important not just to lend money to people with no human interference, but to open a new trend in the market, this smart contracts are autonomous and can intermediate lending very fast, with no blacklisted persons forbidden to borrow Crypto assets as long their fulfil all the condiments and put collateral cryptocurrency to grant that lending.S

I particularly love the DeFi market, and I am big follower of projects such MakerDAO, Kyber, Balancer and many more spreaded across the Ethereum mainnet but recently I come across to TrustSwap, a project builded to expand companies and regular people the hability to interact with smart contracts protocols. It something innovative to me and I believe to many more DeFi lovers.

Mostly DeFi projects are focused in lending, with MakerDAO being the king with more than $1 billion locked in smart contract protocols with purpose to lend it to people, TrustSwap have a particular feature that may change the way people deal with decentralized finances.

TrustSwap was built to solve some urgent dilemma people face when comes to negotiate assets online, trust have been somehow lost in the cyberspace, with many scammers and people who love to steal money, can have some piece of mind using TrustSwap protocol.

But how that can be possible?! 

Let's dig more into it.

Let's suppose you are Dev and you put together a Crypto business, but that business to run need funding from investors, this ones believe in the project but they are afraid to get scammed. This dev or founder also want to his project to get exposure and not just one more in the market, he's not willing to give his project to have it "dumped" on market.

So what they will do to recover that Trust between them?

TrustSwap have preponderance here, this two parties set the deal, and agree in conditions, the investor set the amount he want to credit on the project, set the smart contract and fund it with 100% including the fees, the other part also make his role setting the amount of tokens and interval to send this tokens, funding the smart contract with 100% also including fees. After smart contract protocol set up just need to click agree and "voila" all measures are created to proceed with the deal.

Investor receive the tokens and the dev/founder also get his project funded with all his conditions met and surely that his creditor won't dump the tokens.

This is the main feature I love in TrustSwap.

The deal get concluded with no human interference and if the parts use the native token Swap, the fees are just 1% absurdly low, and the ones get happy.

Any Ethereum token can be used on the TrustSwap smart protocol also other ones that can be wrapped also can use to deal within the TrustSwap protocol.

I am glad that there is a team behind it who thinked in this condition, the world is full of criminals who trick people to send them funds and then run away, with Swap that won't happen the two parts make they role and the smart contract do the rest in real-time.

Glad that Jeff Kirdeikis, and partners brought it and I believe that is the first kind of protocols that lead with this kind of transactions, no more worries to get funds stolen without having what paid for!

When other DeFi protocols are concentrated to Lend money to people TrustSwap also his doing they role giving Trust to parties to negotiate using smart contract settled up to that occasion.

This is amazing DeFi, my unique regret is that I just found it now and I don't have any stored but arrangements have been take to secure the native Swap tokens to use this service.

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