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Chinese residents to receive red "lottery" packets to disseminate digital yuan.

The second most powerful nation in the world is making huge efforts to promote the use and adoption of their future digital yuan or the one dubbed DCEP-digital currency electronic payment based in blockchain, and to make it happen efficiently they are giving away red packets containing 200 digital yuan worth almost $30 to Shenzhen residents, a Chinese City who is in pilot phase to disseminate the blockchain money.

To be able to get the red packets from the chinese government, the Shenzhen residents will need to register an account with ishenzhen-the blockchain firm that handle all the job to the Chinese authorities.

The program will put available to the Shenzhen residents that will be on the trial to test the coin and receive the "lottery" which substitute the paper on China almost $10 million Yuan's worth more than $1.40M.

China have been putting much efforts in spreading the word to adopt and use the blockchain currency in development since 2014 and recently come to notice that more than $300M have been distributed around the test cities that are on the pilot test of the DCEP in China. The currency based on blockchain will change the paper money on the Xi Jinping country and will put the nation on the vanguard to use digital payments in Asia and in the world.

Shenzhen that is one of the biggest Chinese cities to test the blockchain currency is also one elected to be pioneer in the country to disseminate and spread the adoption of the digital yuan.

To note also that the red packets "lottery" will be made in just one week and to be eligible to win this gift, the Shenzhen residents need to create an account with ishenzhen (like mentioned above) but also open an e-wallet via the Digital Renminbi App to claim their funds. 

This will be an epic battle with the Chinese nation breaking all the expectations to drive the adoption to blockchain based currencies with the western countries still somehow "sleeping" to the matter. They will have the knowledge and the experience before many of them that still stubborn to accept the new era reality that is going right in front to blockchain technology.

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