Bitcoin, Tesla and Boeing are the 3 most searched investments by Americans.

The world is no more aware of decentralized investments with many people looking to secure and invest in this world, and accordingly to TradingView Americans are searching for Bitcoin as Investment and with Tesla and Boeing are the most searched investments in the lands of "Uncle Sam".

Bitcoin is a better store of value, a worldwide class investment with a total supply of 21M coins, doesn't suffer inflation and it's gaining value day after day, it's a dream from anyone to grab the asset and Hodl it in long run. It's more widely spreaded and people are realizing that no better place to secure their money holding the asset, and last week we saw w giant institutional company, MicroStrategy buying astonishing 24,000 BTC For $250M, proving that also companies are noticing the asset and use it as primary reserve funds.

Of course Americans are also interested in Tesla (who wouldn't) the company shares have exploded in the stock market and no one want to stay out of the lights, the firm is the biggest electric car manufacturing corporation with expansion in all the world making proud Elon Musk, the CEO and their pairs and noted all over the world. 

Boeing is the leader aviation company who have presence in all the planet dominant in their field of business, anyone want to have a piece on that!

But here's the difference between this 3 investments Americans are willing to put money into:

  • Tesla and Boeing are traditional investments and are centralised and controlled by third parts, when Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized investment controlled by anyone who hold it.

Glad to see the most powerful economy in the world putting their wishes in the most valuable CoinMarketCap asset, turning it and proving one more time that the world is going Bitcoin and decentralized.

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