Aave dethroned MakerDAO in Total Value Locked with more than $1.44B available for Lending.

By alberdioni8406 | Barraca Crypto | 26 Aug 2020

Aave protocol have dethroned MakerDAO in Total Value Locked (TVL) in funds from customers for borrow and lending purposes.

Accordingly with data supplied by DeFi Pulse the protocol have more than $1.44B locked in assets and is the second protocol to dethrone MakerDAO after in June Compound Finance also beat the giant in decentralized finances. 

The leaders in Total Value locked (TVL) on their protocols have an astonishing $6.92B in total combined value locked up to lend people in exchange for collateral crypto.

The value locked in protocols can be used to purchase more than 60 big Boeing airplanes and can feed almost all the world at once, the total number of people in the world is 7 billion, with that $6.92B in funds locked can distribute wealthy to all world helping to feed the less favorable persons in the world.

That's de money locked in smart contract protocols and that is a big value to threaten any Bank system who continues to marginalise people who look for money lending with them in exchange for high rates and with loans that aren't favourable to anyone, the world is going DeFi and when the Traditional financial institutions wake up this will be ruling the world.

The world is going DeFi, and no one will be Left behind it, anyone deserves a better system of lending.

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