1,400 Bitcoins worth barely $16,3M stolen by hackers.

What you could do if you found out that all your 1,400 Bitcoins got stolen, not by your mistake but by a phishing attack who was directed to one of most trustable wallet crypto provider, The Electrum wallet?!

Well, I believe nothing...

This happened to a user who got wiped out astonishing 1,400 BTC worth almost $16,3M in market prices today, when he accessed his wallet and received a pop-up message asking him to update security before he proceeds to update the wallet, which he did and that pop-up message was fake and triggered to lose all funds worh $16.3 millions.

Check the Github history here where the user posted this alarming incident with electrum wallet:


 Here check the Transaction history:


The criminals who exploit the electrum wallet are very smart and anyone could fall in their trick, when the user have an old version of the storage tool and want to access funds, the system installed by this scammers invite the user install a new updated version and if the user accept that invite, the system trigger the send mechanism to the criminals address and the user nothing can do to Stop the attack and this happens on version 3.3.4 that are susceptible of attacks.

The problem isn't the wallet provider, not at all, but the servers who are used to communicate are susceptible of phishing, when update to a new version the users are downloading a malicious program who trigger the customers funds to be sent to criminals wallets, more about how this hackers access users funds are well explained on this post.

 It's important to always download and install wallets for official sites and never download extensions or files that comes into our dashboard without prior check, because we are susceptible to phishing attacks, scams, remote access to funds and other techniques conducted by criminals with intentions to steal Crypto and cause victims all over the space.

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