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Publish0x is what I wanted my Steemit account to be back in 2018

By NOVAX | Block To The Future | 9 Apr 2021

Please Start A Blog on Publish0x

I want you to join Publish0x and start blogging about whatever you want. I'm writing about my passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies and how I'm finding deep value in low-cap blockchain projects. But you don't have to write about cryptocurrency, or even know anything about cryptocurrency, in order to earn cryptocurrency for channeling some of your creative energy into writing a blog on Publish0x. It only takes a few seconds to sign-up, and you can write about anything. Right as I was getting started, I decided to report to my audience how my earnings were going. I just wrote this article on March 27, "Started posting on Publish0x 10 days ago, already earned $5.58 in crypto". As of right now, on April 9, I've already earned $35.45 in crypto and my blog, Block To The Future, has reached 27,988 views!


But that's not actually why I want YOU to start blogging on Publish0x. Sure, I want the community to grow and have more people to engage with. I want to passively earn cryptocurrency for reading the ideas you share in your blog. But I also hope that I will benefit from a really motivating feature of Publish0x, which is the Ambassador Program. When you sign-up for Publish0x via any link amended with my ambassador code (?a=pnel5Q4VaK), I receive 5% of every tip you generate using the tipper at the bottom of each article. That's why I'm writing this post. I want you to understand how powerful this can be for you, whether you're someone looking to make a little extra income from home, or an experienced affiliate marketer. I studied Technological Entrepreneurship and Management at Arizona State University's Fulton School of Engineering. I'm always searching for disruptive technology, innovative product design, and areas to add value in the market. After a few days of using Publish0x, I was pretty impressed. But now, after a few weeks, I'm really excited about the opportunity to grow my blog, start a whole new brand from scratch, and generate additional income when readers use my referral links as well (I have a bunch listed at the bottom of this post).


I started my blog a few weeks ago with zero prior audience or affiliated social media accounts. I only just began to create a Twitter and Telegram account to share my posts outside of the Publish0x platform, so the reach of my blog has been pretty much 100% organic on Publish0x. There's definitely a reason for this. It's not because I'm the best writer on the platform with the most relevant commentary on cryptocurrencies. It's because readers on the platform are motivated to discover content they like. It's crazy, but it's true. Publish0x gives the reader a tip allotment every few minutes. You can't tip the same author repeatedly in the same day because of the potential for abuses. However, you can tip a new author every 10 minutes. But it's even better than that. As a reader, you are presented with a new tipping slider at the bottom of blog posts every 10 minutes. This isn't coming from your account. The tipping system consists of a constantly rotating group of cryptocurrencies which act as micro-tip sponsors of the platform in order to grow awareness and circulation of their token. So you're tipping with free crypto and you can keep most of it if you want to. The default slider position is to tip the author 80% and yourself 20%. 


However, you are also permitted to move the slider all the way to the left and tip 20% to the author and 80% to yourself. This feature is a large part of the incentivization engine that is running this awesome platform. Publish0x feels like what I wanted Steemit to be when I first started using it back in 2017-2018. I haven't been using Steemit very often for a while now so I don't know how things are going over there. But I can say that Publish0x has developed a really exciting model for blogging and the platform is building an incredible blockchain community.


That's basically what I wanted to share with you. Once you've earned some cryptocurrency tips for posting to your new blog, you'll want to learn how to withdraw your earnings. Publish0x provides some great options for this as well. You can withdraw directly on-chain if you have a fair bit of experience with cryptocurrency. Or, you can simply withdraw directly to a Kucoin exchange account. Right now, you even earn a 10% bonus for withdrawing to Kucoin (presumably to offset high on-chain network fees). I've used a ton of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and I'm very much for decentralized exchanges. However, Kucoin is certainly one of the better centralized exchanges. I've been using it for years and it's one of the few exchanges which hasn't given me any problems at all.


If you are one of the 200 Followers of my blog, Block To The Future, thank you so much for your comments, thumbs up, and tips! I truly appreciate it. If you are brand new to Publish0x, what are you waiting for? Get started building an audience at an accelerated pace so that you can leverage that community to grow your brand, business, or project. I'm realizing that I will be able to use my blog posts as a record a my trading successes and failures. It will serve as a sort of public trading journal and I'm excited about that. I may eventually set-up a copy trading account like CoTrader or CoVesting so that people can follow exactly what I'm doing. Thank you also to the 3 people who have already used my Ambassador Program link to get started on Publish0x! Now, I'm receiving 5% of your tip-slider earnings as well and I'm very excited about that. It's the whole reason I decided to write this post. Now I just need to share it outside of Publish0x so that new potential Publish0x bloggers may find their way here and experience the success that I'm having.   


The last thing I want to mention is the power of sharing referral links in your Publish0x posts in the appropriate context. I recently shared my experiences with airdrops in the post, "Sometimes, I like to sign-up for random airdrops... and sometimes it pays off". I mentioned Sigmoid, the latest airdrop I joined, and I shared my airdrop referral link. Within a few days, 33 people have used my referral link! So my readers have earned me $165 extra worth of Sigmoid airdrop referral rewards. 


I'm really excited about the potential for sharing things I enjoy using and earning more of those things for introducing others to them. At the moment I'm very excited about Green Chef's Referral Program. Green Chef is an organic meal subscription service for easy, healthy, and super delicious home cooked meals. My readers receive a big discount (with zero commitment) on their first Green Chef order. I love Green Chef and I want more of it in my life. However, it starts getting a little expensive to subscribe to several Green Chef meals per week. When I learned that I could earn Green Chef meal credit for bringing others to the service, I was so excited. I've really only just begun to imagine the possibilities for affiliate marketers who form partnerships to bring readers great discounts on the best products and services.





If freedom of information is important to you than you will love Presearch, the decentralized search engine.







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Coinbase (necessary evil for buying crypto with USD)
Phemex (alternative to coinbase to buy and trade crypto, barely used so far)
Kucoin (best of the centralized exchanges, also has USD buy option)
Bittrex (meh, okay... also has USD buy option)
Binance (used to love it, now, not so much)
BlockFi (so far so good, decent interest rates, not really an exchange though)
Robinhood (get free stock for signing up then dump Robinhood when we have a good blockchain synthetics market)
Coinseed (awesome way to buy crypto with your debit card transaction round-ups)
OpenSea (huge NFT auction site)
Internxt (cloud storage service. just started using it. will let you know how it goes. interface is a little rough with no image previews on desktop)
SALT (crypto lending platform. haven't used it much yet. will report how it goes)

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DigitalOcean (use it all the time. great value. get $100 free credit for 60 days using my link)
Vultr (also use it regularly. get $100 free credit for 30 days using my link)

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GreenChef (really good mostly organic ingredients and easy to prepare meal subscription service. get a huge discount on your first order for using my link)

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