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PRESEARCH: Decentralized Search = Information Freedom For All

By NOVAX | Block To The Future | 17 Mar 2021

March 17, 2021

For all of the pain and challenges 2020 brought, one potential silver lining is that it has become painfully obvious (even to many average joes, so-called "normies", and cable news watching boomers) that we have a serious problem with social media censorship... not just in the United States, but worldwide. Classical liberal democracy has traditionally placed great value on freedom of thought, belief, and expression. We used to mock and criticize regimes which implemented authoritarian information control. Now social media companies (emboldened by the half of their user base that shares their political ideology) have begun to step into a more aggressive role in the targeted suppression of information.

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As individual and collective voices have been stifled by social media censorship this past year, freedom of information has become the new civil libertarian battle ground. True diversity, equality, inclusion, and "fairness" require open access to information. Freedom of thought, expression, and (perhaps above all else in the modern era) access to information are essential for humanity's collective ability to solve problems of scale. We don't get closer to the truth by silencing and deleting dissenting voices and minority opinions . We don't gain more knowledge and perspective by reducing and eliminating sources of information and removing our ability to engage with opposing perspectives in constructive dialogue.

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Now that we've witnessed more transparently the capacity for the monolithic confirmation bias engines of big tech to decisively purge ideas from the web, we're beginning to see that these international corporations have too much power. Government has failed (big surprise) to appropriately remedy the situation, and perhaps it's preferable that the market fix this problem. Alternative social media platforms are gaining content creators and their followers while censored voices are investing more into their own website domains and finding ways to monetize their content outside of big tech. As this eco-system grows, it has become increasingly important to ensure that all of this content is indexed so that it can be located and accessed. Decentralizing search enables search results based on relevance and not politics. Presearch isn't the search engine for fringe content. It is an agnostic search protocol that doesn't derank, deboost, delist, or delete content based on the censorious cultural agenda of big tech. Furthermore, Presearch encrypts your searches to protect your privacy and also rewards you with PRE tokens for using the search engine.

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When we in the "vaccine risk aware community" began speaking up online about the problems with the pharmaceutical industry lobbying for legislation making their products mandatory, we were censored and shadow-banned. For years, we've been trying to show the world that the social media giants will crush your voice when it suits them and their pharmaceutical advertisers. We've watched in real time as content has been scrubbed from the CDC  website. Then we witnessed the censorship of peer-reviewed scientific literature comparing health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. We watched Youtube deplatform creators for critically discussing vaccine programs. All of this way already happening before and leading up to the release of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe in 2016. When the film was subsequently censored by film festivals and theaters around the world, it became a grassroots cultural movement to host screenings of the film. One of the film's producers, Polly Tommey, was even banned from the nation of Australia, after touring the country and speaking at Q&A sessions following screenings of the film:

Our community has known for several years that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. have set their sights on purging "anti-vaccine" content from their platforms. We've observed as Vaxxed producer, Del Bigtree, has had his show, The Highwire, removed from Facebook and YouTube. So we have been hoping for "alt tech" & free speech platforms to emerge for a long time. Now the whole world has witnessed as big tech gleefully muted doctors around the world for dissenting against the COVID lock-downs, questioning the development of a rushed COVID vaccine, or exploring alternative COVID treatment protocols. Now the world sees a little bit more of what we've been seeing for several years. We want the freedom to make our own choices and we demand access to the raw information with which to make informed choices.

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Indexing the whole of humanity's informational archive on the internet is too important a task to be left in the hands of big tech and centralized corporations who are founded on monetizing our private data. The need for a decentralized search alternative has never been more apparent. I want the best ideas to stand up to scrutiny and the worst ideas to stand in the presence of their refutations. Deleting bad ideas invites their return. Discouraging free discourse invites bad ideas to go unchallenged. Alternative social media platforms are of vital importance. However, decentralized search is the glue that ties the rebel alliance together. We don't have to share the same understanding about COVID, vaccines, or politics. But we should all agree that our right to freedom of information should never be relinquished, least of all when the justification for censorship is that it's too dangerous for us to interpret and evaluate the information for ourselves.

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We live in a world where one size does not fit all. For every generalization, there is an exception. For every 10 people to whom a lock-down restriction is tolerable, there is one it crushes utterly and completely. The disingenuous appeals for unity are loudest among those who would burn my petition of grievance. Unity comes from dialogue and shared understanding. Shared understanding comes from shared experience and access to information held in common. Hiding sources of information to claim they do not exist is not a compelling method of engendering trust. The path forward is to ensure that free access to information remains, especially while the most powerful in society place no value on it.

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Presearch is defining a new landscape in the digital age. It's been called the Switzerland of search. Decentralized search is a neutral ground for agnostic indexing of the world's information. Presearch is living up to the motto, "the Switzerland of search". If you want to read more of my comments on Presearch, check out my recent post on the Publish0x Presearch blog contest. Or, if you haven't yet checked out DeFi on the Tron Network, please read my post, DeFi Beginners Guide: Getting Started on Tron Network. It's becoming a bit of a multi-part series to help onboard my friends getting started with DeFi.

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I'm not sure how much I'm going to post over here. I'm primarily blogging about my experience with value investing in low cap cryptocurrencies on Block To The Future. So, in case I don't post over here again for a while... here's some of the most important published scientific literature examining overall health of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations:




If freedom of information is important to you than you will love Presearch, the decentralized search engine.


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