The Cleansing


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Sophie wasn’t planning on staying longer than they needed to because on the forest floor anything could happen. What she wanted was to get in the air as soon as they get the artefacts cleansed, they needed to include the artefacts in Speedy McQueen’s bag too. No compromises.

The women welcomed them with fruits and different food and lead them into a hut for the cleansing. The hut looked small from the outside but it was huge inside. The wiccans have a long known culture of cleansing everyone and everything they come into contact with, this was one of the reasons they stay younger, stronger for long periods of time.

In the hut they where given some Ayahuasca to drink and bathed by the women, the hut was so big on the inside it was a whole dwelling oh all basics needed in a small town without the need for the advancement of technologies. Just pure ingenuity of volcano pressure controls , earth energies relaying and transmutation into the forms they needed for use when they needed. They only use what they needed when they needed.

The cleansing took a couple of hours, they were left very happy and blissful. The Ayahuasca magical properties are known to be timeless and undisputed. These long hidden occulting clans are know to hold some of the greatest of knowledge in existence but they remain too occulting due to the oppressions and the power hungry.

Once the cleansing was done, they bid the clan fair well and they were ready to hit the airwaves.

Once in the air Sophie felt so much better than being on the forest floor. There is some type of energies that didn’t vibe well with Sophie on the Himalayan forest floor.

Phoenix :” I’m glad I got my artefact and y’all up here in one piece but what’s with the rush Sophie? Did you anger the forest floor god’s minions? You were really tense all the way through the best part of the stay on the forest floor.”

Sophie : “ when you get to be this old you will get to understand having people out to get you simply because of the associations you made over the years. This clan had been at war with Azahr’s for so long Azahr was only about 5 years old when they finally had lost interest in the fights that had gone on between them.


Phoenix : “There’s something missing there, I can almost taste it in the air. After more than a thousand years of peace and all that gains in all your ways shapes and forms but you still come here to walk on egg shells like it’s middle school again. You made the air thick down there. Tell me more please.


Sophie : “ I couldn’t tell them that the artefact called for us, it had been on our radar for quiet a while now but it was not up to us to actually go after the artefact. We can’t even raise the name of it because it comes alive whenever it’s called upon. It’s too powerful to call in vane. That’s why we call it, it, but we can only let it choose who is worthy of wielding it, if it choses you, you will know it’s name, it will reveal itself to you.”


Speedy McQueen : “ That must mean that the fortress sanctuary operates on one of these artefacts” she directed her query to Sophie.

Sophie : “your observations are very good Speedy McQueen, there’s indeed quiet a few artefacts below the fortress that’s why things went the way they did. But it is not for the bad intention but for protection against manipulation of any type from outside forces. These artefacts work the same way crystals do except that crystal energy is smoother and for smaller impact compared to the artefact that has several crystals imbedded within it. These artefacts protect or guard whole countries and continents, that’s why it has to choose the worthy wielder because the unworthy are just in it for manipulations of illusions of control, power amongst others.”

Mary: “ it’s just a game, why they got to be so serious”?

Speedy McQueen : “ It’s easier for a military personnel like you to speak out boldly like that but for the ones without army backing it takes serious balls to stand up against the oppression, although it’s illusions it’s reality to some”


Sophie : “ that right there is why I like to stay under the radar, only cause noise when needed because of the lessons I have learned overtime. When handling artefacts it’s better not to attract any attention. Most especially needed is to keep the artefact from fully knowing that it’s unearthed and being wielded without choosing, artefacts are known to call dozens of legions at once to one place to cause havoc and that’s not a party I want to be at.


Phoenix : “ the air is getting thicker in this place are sure we got cleansed or dirtied?”


Speedy McQueen: “ it’s just a sicko game my love, on this level we do not tend to worry about thoughts or intentions around you because the goal is to have you awaken to the reality of the duality. The air thickening must have come from the fruits you are down there, that’s why we didn’t eat them but we could tell you not to. Now concentrate your willpower on healing until they get out of your system and lucky you still have all our magical fruits from Azahr. You can’t go wrong with all that.

Phoenix : “ I don’t fully get you but alright.

Sophie : “ hold on tight, we need to refuel this baby before our next excursion.



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