Breaking Dawn ; On Forest Floor


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It was an aged, partly mouldy wooden box that looked awfully like a coffin that was last on the terminator termites termination list. They had found what they had been digging all night for, it was the breaking of dawn but the forest floor was still dark as night the only light now was the full moon that seemed to be just at the right place to shine light right where they needed to see it.


Sophie started feeling the wooden box passionately, as if feeling for a button that’s hidden in the wooden sides. Speedy McQueen started doing the same too.


“Kicking the top cover off the wooden box, I thought these Magnum safety boots are worth every cent” said Phoenix disturbing the trance Sophie and Mary had tuned into.


The uncovering revealed another artefact, this one has a different feel to it, they were all very sure that it’s possibly alive, the make was in constant motion. None of them wanted to touch it, it seem to emit light of its own but different from that of luminescent crystals or other natural light emitters. This artefact was alluring, so majestic and beautiful.


Phoenix went ahead and picked it up, wielding it in both hands it felt like his match of a weapon. “I’ll keep this one” he exclaimed.


Sophie and Mary had no words to say, the artefact had some control over them and they couldn’t help it. They had to obey all that phoenix said and willed them to do. Getting out of a ten feet deep hole was going to be a challenge from down up.


Phoenix called out to Speedy McQueen.


Speedy McQueen: “already on it, I feel you down there, here comes the rope” she said as dropped the rope into the hole.


After they got out of the hole, Phoenix decided to put the artefact in the wooden box.


Speedy McQueen was making breakfast when she started saying :” That feels more weird than I had felt in the desert fortress, Sophie did you feel that? It’s as if you guys dug out some weird kind of energy from the hole. Just how we will know which one of these artefacts is the one causing the weird feeling is the question.


Sophie and Mary pointed at the box

“ It’s that one, that’s the live one”


Phoenix : “ you mean to say I chose the live one, cool I like that. I’ll be more alive than before”


Sophie : “ we still need to know about its history and how it came to be buried around hips of other artefacts so valuable and no one had gotten to it when the temple has clearly been known about and raised in”


Mary : “ there was at least two wars in this place, the bullet marks on the temple show us that this place had been of political interest sometime during the world wars. The newer marks show us that the last raiders had some done some shooting here, does not seem like friendly fire but the riffles are all the same M16s semi-automatics, light enough to carry with a heavy bullet load.”


Sophie : “ that should be our qué to get back in the air, we don’t want to have any run ins”


Speedy McQueen was picking some artefacts that she felt had possible use later. She knows very well that artefacts hold tremendous values in experiences stored in them and the values they carried overtime. Speedy McQueen told them that Wielding such ancient artefacts can be very complementary to one’s vibes especially those that had been buried for years under forest grounds. All the natural energetical deposits from above in forms of rain, air, sun light, moon light, darkness, elements from different droppings and carcasses, the occasional human energies, volcanic shifts and water table balances with limestone caves pressures all contribute to the artefacts getting more powerful the longer they stay under ground unbothered and their energies undisturbed. More so the ones who held the artefacts before have a great influence on the artefact, for that reason these artefacts need to be cleansed of un-resonating energies otherwise it will use the user and cause unwanted influences.


Sophie : “ You have a point there Sophie, I take it you do know and have some cleansing skill handy to clean this thing first because we all felt how much influence it had on us”.


Mary : “ This is just but one of the reasons why the world keeps going in and out of turmoil. It’s not that people are bad, it’s the influence that people let different energies over-influence them with illusions of control and power in turn destroying much more than what can be repaired.


Phoenix: “ Alright my dearests, tell me that we can get this baby cleaned up before we hit the air,? He questioned them


“There’s a lot of different cleansing spells and skills that we all poses but to clean this one, we’ll need more than what we have or what we know. We will need to get this identified first otherwise we cannot get in the air with this “dirty” baby. Said Speedy McQueen.


So they went into the clan of wiccans that Sophie knew in the area, she really just wanted Sophie to practise her knowledge of the artefacts, she has fully awakened and is ready to assist Phoenix in his total awakening, the best part of this is that Phoenix chose to wield the artefact. The question comes in after the cleansing if the artefact chooses him too.


A grand thought of retribution and the ka’kari came over Phoenix. He recalls retribution actually having a choosing and the ka’kari having choice too. These were the strongest artefact in a whole long list of other artefacts. Phoenix was glad to have chosen this one.


Before they got to the clan of wiccans, they had to pass by their initial dig site to let the guards know about the left artefacts. As they got to the wiccans clan, Speedy McQueen observed a unique warding almost as complicated as the fortress’ but delicate like the Amazonians. Sophie let out some war cries as they approached what looked like the entrance of the clan. They welcomed Sophie, although they never met in person, there had been a lot of folk tales of the hidden mysterious Himalayans wiccan clan. Known for its UnConventional non conformist members who chose the love of nature over all technological advances to have been introduce with the progression of time. They completely lived off of the land and were fully self sustaining, leading a life almost similar to their ancestors. In exception of the happiness levels, this was due to the practise of Ayahuasca and hemp amongst other medicinal practices that have them live out longer lives than their ancestors. The oldest wiccan in the clan is known to be older than Azahr century of years, they all looked nothing over 30 years of age. Very active and protective over their lands.


Phoenix was obviously impressed by what he saw : a clan of very beautiful woman.




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