This Indian company launched insurance against online scams

This Indian company launched insurance against online scams

By Blindworld | Blindworld | 14 Oct 2020

Recently India's reputation was tarnished across the world after news about scam call centers operating in-country broke out. but now one of the countries to insurer launched a new policy in partnership with an e-commerce platform. On paying a premium you will be insured against frauds that happen online and data theft.


Online scams became so popular in the country that there are places where people earn living by scamming others. Hence insurance against these scams may be worth taking. Let us briefly see the details.


The insurance covers unauthorized transactions from the account of the insured person to a third party account which occurred due to data theft, cyberattack, sim jacking, or phishing.


The policy is called DIGITAL SURAKSHA GROUP INSURANCE POLICY and also covers the legal costs that you may have to pay in order to file complaints in a court. You can also initiate a lawsuit against phishing or data theft and claim the amount.

The basic plan offers to cover up to INR 50000 or approximately $750 at a premium of 3$. You get options to choose from and once you complete payment you will be issued a certificate.

The company had made a few exclusions in this policy which does not usually link with online frauds. You can find all the details about the policy by clicking the link below.


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