A Possible way to use cryptocurrency offline ( NFC, Crypto cards etc)

By Blindworld | Blindworld | 4 Oct 2020


 This is something that struck my mind while reading a comment. Actually, the technology exists.

We talked about stablecoins, whose value does not fluctuate, and Defi a project the offers a cryptocurrency alternative for all financial services. Now as we know cryptocurrency is something that can be accessed by someone with the internet, so is Defi. Imagine a future were Fiat currency is not any more an option, you bought food and cannot pay because your network is down?

We all have used debit cards and credit cards and I know that there are currently crypto cards, this is my vision for the future. So read further.

When DeFi and Stable coins become mainstream, it will be fighting hard with the fiat currency, Fiat will have an upper hand since Fiat is physically available, and there are ATMs which can refill your purse. Now there are cards that do not have to be inserted in a machine, but just placed to transact, and almost 4 years ago Samsung did create something called Samsung pay, in which you just had to place your phone over a POS machine to transact. Now I am going to integrate all these things to create a crypto alternative for fiat currency.

First, an ATM that will able you to withdraw Cryptocurrency and devices that works with NFC

We both know that ATM can be used to withdraw money,i.e physical notes. But cryptocurrency is not something physically available. Money is withdrawn from a bank account, the bank issues you a card. In order for this to be effective, your wallet should be able to issue you a card, Since with DeFi crypto aiming at a complete alternative for fiat currency, this should be possible. Now, this crypto ATM can normally only refill your wallet say digital wallet. But that does not prove it as an alternative to physical currency, So instead of using a debit card to withdraw crypto to the wallet, use it to withdraw crypto that can be stored in the card itself, something similar to a prepaid card. 

NFC, or near field communication is a technology that is primarily built for fast data transfer. But now it can be used for payments between two devices (if both are NFC enabled, even budget phones are getting this feature, and does not require network). If both your debit card and mobile is enabled with NFC, and your ATM has this feature, even if not equal to having a fiat currency in your wallet- but it should be close enough. You can have your crypto offline.


If you didn't get my concept to read the following scenario.

In a future day, were DeFi is now mainstream and Fiat currency got replaced with stable coins you are about to receive your salary. Your employer transfers your salary to your designated cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet is coupled with something similar to a debit card, You need to give your son some pocket money, so you purchase a prepaid card ( equipped with NFC) you go to a nearby ATM inserts you card and keeps your prepaid card on NFC dongle, After entering you need to transfer stable coin to the prepaid card which can be done. ( the same technology which is used to transfer money between two phones which are NFC enabled) You can transfer the necessary crypto to the prepaid card, which can be used on any POS machine to shop. Both the card ( Normal Debit or prepaid) is equipped with NFC, so you can transfer funds in and out of the cards by keeping it in contact with an NFC enabled device.

Cryptocurrency Pos system

A Publish0x reader commented about issues with crypto transactions if the network is unstable.

If the above scenario is worked out, you don’t need a network to transfer cryptocurrency between two mobiles, between mobile and a card, between card and a POS, between mobile and a POS.

I believe this scenario is possible and can be run without an ATM ( probably the trickiest part, since there are regulations and laws regarding it).


Even if worked out you will need a Network to receive crypto from far away places, But your crypto wallet is directly linked to your card and you will be able to check your balance on my ATM concept, and transfer crypto.


I do think a certain part of this may be a blunder, But its just an idea correlating stuff around me. I found out that there are crypto cards like the TENX prepaid Visa card, NFC based hardware crypto wallet, and phones with NFC. So if someone who reads this thinks this is possible share it so that the right person with the right technology can fill in and make this system working. It is similar to DeFi, the technology is already around us, you just need to put them in order.


If you donot beleive that these tech exist...

*A company called shake added this contactless pay with support for over 80 currencies in 2016

*Different cards based on maestro or visa are already available and are gaining popularity.


*According to some reports, there are over 7000 crypto currency ATMs which are functional.

Now it needs people who are ready to accept crypto. Even though there is tech available, most of these converts crypto yo fiat before transactions.

Remember Bitcoin was not even a name 10 years ago……

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