The intrepid and the fearful

The intrepid and the fearful

Iliad: if I can in a nutshell
Give meaning to the reading of the book of Homer,
I would say that we should never submit
At the whims of gods or religions

Because these and other institutions
They are there everywhere
To prevent us from leading our lives
At your own risk.

Why should I believe in institutions?
What advantages do I get,
Otherwise, obligations to fulfill
And fears for those who do not follow their rules?
What institutions offer me,
If not, fears and deprivations of my freedom?

Why trust institutions,
few men, flawed
who decide on the lives of many?

The only certainty we have
Is that we are going to die today
or fifty years from now

So, what is the reason for that?
Handing over a blank voucher
to strangers who decide
About our freedoms and security?

Do you want to reach the intrepid sky?
Search your own glory
and you will achieve the freedom of Achilles, the Greek hero.

Want safe security?
Take cover behind the walls of a fortress, (Troya)
and stay there, terrified by fear,
until death gallops at him.


*Original text written on the blog of the writer Hermes Machado



Image by Viviane Moncoduit from Pixabay


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