Sheikhs in Check

Sheikhs in Check


Like falling stones in a domino effect
Old continent nations collect their junk
That not so long ago
Wore crowns and attended by majesties


Good bloods in uproar flee to the new world
The search for those who know about the new universal identity
The one who puts the sheik in check
Accustomed to power centralization
And opens doors to shared ownership
Command, ownership and ideas


It is true that many wealthy people will emigrate to the Bric's
They will build enterprises, rise to prominent posts
In trade, industry, politics and economics
Because the great god of this Earth has a name: Power


And the Power is transvestite now in real, ruble, rupee, yuan
But make no mistake, they are disguised as dollars, euros and bitcoins...
For they are the coins that give the cards
They pass from hand to hand and will certainly pass
Through your hands at the cost of your submission.


*Original text written on the blog of the writer Hermes Machado


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