Your Love Resurrected My Soul [Poetry]

Your Love Resurrected My Soul [Poetry]

By Luz | blacklux | 21 Apr 2019


In the middle of my darkest night you were my light.
You took my hand and raised me from my ashes.

You stitched my heart together and gave me a new name.
You called me "my precious daughter" and draw a smile on my face.

You filled my empty heart with love and care,
my soul revived and I felt alive again.


When I feel weak you give me strength...
When I feel unworthy you say you're proud of me...
When I feel unloved you tell me I'm your precious child...

Your love resurrected my soul and gave me a new purpose.
Your presence fills my heart with awe and joy!

Thanks God for loving me!

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Hurricane Rider - Dessert Enthusiast - Amateur Photographer - Anime And Asian Movies Lover - Weird Poet - Make Laughs Not War!

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