What To Do In The Middle Of A Storm... Tutorial... Kind Of...

What To Do In The Middle Of A Storm... Tutorial... Kind Of...

By Luz | blacklux | 25 Sep 2019


It all started like this...

Caribbean, the place known as the hurricane highway and also the freaking oven of the world with its 46-50°C degrees 24/7! This time the "visitor" was the storm Karen and let me tell you something, that thing was bipolar, clumsy, confused, crazy... and no, not all women are like that!! It was supposed to reach my island at 8am as a storm but ended coming at 6pm.


Luckily we got rain and no winds this time but several places got heavy floods and the national weather service is saying it will rain at least 3 days more because of Karen. Thanks to God I didn't ended up without electricity like always and for the first time in 9 months I spend the entire day without feeling I was gonna melt cause there were no heat... but what to do while you're basically trapped inside your house in the middle of a storm?


You guessed right! Eat! Eat like a troglodyte cause let's face it, you can't go out, you can't open the windows, chances of losing electricity/water/internet are high and in tv there's only news about the storm. So all this makes you anxious and what you do when you're anxious? Ok, you can do many things... smoke, drink, play, have sex like freaking horny bunnies... and yeah, those are good ideas too... except smoking... but I chose eating...


Cause... drinking while a storm its in place is a terrible idea, me no smoke... I don't need to explain all, right?! Soooo.... Food it is! And of course it needed soup cause rainy days requires soup! And just because soup is water, it will be quickly digested and you will be starving in no time so you need a "stronger plate". Yes, you can do other things too but food is needed to survive... stop thinking in the horny bunnies already, for God sake! We're talking about food here!


If you gonna fill that stomach, make sure to add a good dessert! If you're trapped inside your house in the middle of a hurricane or storm make sure that the dessert is sugary enough... sugar will make the serotonin levels in your brain raise and you will feel happy. You will end up with a huge tummy, relaxed... probably fatter... and ready to sleep with the sound of the rain and the wind and probably your neighbor's roof getting ripped off because of the strong winds (it didn't happened this time, tho) cause when you eat like a maniac, you sleep like a rock!

So yeah, if you can't be like a horny bunny... then eat and sleep! Oh and turn off the notifications in your phone cause the flooding alerts sounds really loud and wakes you up in an awful way... Also, my island have been shaking for 24 hours after the 2 tiny earthquakes (6.3 and 6.0), more than 130 tremors so far. That happens when you live between tectonic plates.... and we're kind of used to it. What is new is that this is happening in the middle of a storm. The conspiracionist in me thinks the planet wants to kill us... earthquakes, storm, waterspouts, heavy thunderstorms... all at the same time! Maybe I should write what to do in the middle of an earthquake... ;)

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Hurricane Rider - Desserts Enthusiast - Anime An Asian Movies Lover - Make Laughs Not War!


Hurricane Rider - Dessert Enthusiast - Amateur Photographer - Anime And Asian Movies Lover - Weird Poet - Make Laughs Not War!

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