The 8th [Short Thriller Story]

The 8th [Short Thriller Story]

By Luz | blacklux | 27 Apr 2019


"Nuria, walk faster!" - screamed the old man to his daughter. They were late for the doctor's appointment and Junior wanted to know if he was finally free of cancer. The doctor's office was in the 10th floor and only 1 elevator was working, taking the stairs was not an option... he was too old to walk all those floors. Finally the elevator opened and to their luck they were the only ones waiting for it.

The 8 years old girl pressed the 8th floor button and the old man got angry at her "Why are you making me waste my time you dumb ass?! You and your stupid obsession with number 8! I'm so tired of you, piece of shit!" Junior never treated his daughter with love, she was the reminder of his one night stand with a junkie woman who left the child in his door one day. The elevator opened in the 8th floor and Nuria got out, she run throught the long hall while Junior screamed his lungs out cursing the kid. "I said come here, dammit! Oh, you're not coming? Fine, stay here! I wish you get lost and never come back!" The man kept pressing the "close door" button but nothing happened, the elevator was stucked in there and he needed to go.

He was just 2 floors away from the place he needed to be so he walked throught the floor trying to find the stairs. "Welcome to the 8th floor daddy!" a grotesque voice said. Junior looked everywhere but there was no one in there. "Nuria, come out wherever you are. I don't have time for this shit!"... the echo of those words bounced in the walls of the long cold hall. The place was empty, there was nothing... no people, no furniture... just white walls in a long hall. "Daaaaadyyyy... do you want to play a game with me?" said the creepy voice...

"Who's there?" screamed the old man followed by several curses, "I swear to God"... the lights behind him started to go out. One by one the lights where turning off toc, toc, toc, toc the sound of the lights being turned off was driving the man insane. He started to walk faster, the darkness was getting closer. "Daaaaadyyyyy, I'm gonna catch you!" The voice got into the man's skin making him tremble in fear, he needed to find the stairs and get out of there.

The hall started to get longer and longer, it looked like it didn't had an end... then all the lights were gone and the darkness took over the place. "Daddy, why are you running away from me?" said Nuria within the shadows. The old man felt relieved in finally listening to a voice he knew.

"Come here kid, we have to stay close and find the way out of here."
"Why do you wanna get out of here daddy? I'm home now?"
"Stop saying stupid things and come here now, dammit!"
"Daddy, I'm hungry!"

Junior's heart froze for a second. Those last words made his entire body shake. The girl took her dad's hand and he felt relieved. He wasn't alone there and it was all that was helping him to not fall into panic. A faint beam of light covered the girl, the sight of the lovely girl made the man felt much better, it was the first time in his life he was happy to see his daughter. "Daddy, I said I'm hungry".... the creepy voice got out of the kid, Junior let go of Nuria's hand and started to run away.

"Do you know what day is today, daddy? Today is the 8th day of the 8th month, its 8 o'clock and we're in the 8th floor... my home! You can't escape daddy, there's nowhere to go. I'm hungry daddy!"
"Leave me alone you creep!"
"I'm hungry daddy!"
"What do you want from me?!"
"I'm hungry daddy!"
"I don't have food with me, leave me alone!"
"Don't be silly daddy! You're the food!"

The man kept running, he couldn't see anything but he needed to get out of the place. That wasn't his child... or maybe it was her, she had always acted weird. "A demon, that kid is a demon" was the only thing in his mind while running for his life. Junior always hated her but now he was afraid of her, very afraid. "Daddy, I got you!" said the awful voice, the man was paralyzed he couldn't move or speak.

"I thank you lord for the food in front of me"... said the girl like her grandma taught her. "You should pray too daddy, this is gonna hurt".... the echoes of the old man screaming filled the entire place, then all was dark and cold.

An annoying music started to play. Junior was standing in the middle of the elevator paralyzed. Did he imagined all that? Did he felt asleep while they were on the elevator? He felt relieved that all the agonizing pain stopped, he even felt happy his little kid was human and next to him. Then the door of the elevator opened, Nuria stepped out and said "Daddy, today is the 8th day of the 8th month, its 8 o'clock and we're in the 8th floor"... Junior looked with horror the little kid that was standing in front of him. "Daddy, I'm hungry!"

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