Starving Mornings Requires Pancakes!

By Luz | blacklux | 20 Jul 2019


Morning... you woke up starving, STARVING! Somehow you managed to "unglued" yourself from the bed cause your stomach screaming for food is way more powerful than you being sleepy... sorry bed, hungry wins against sleepiness! You fly to the kitchen and start seeing inside the refrigerator what you can cook quickly but end up with the kitchen top filled with every single thing you found inside the refri cause you want a nice breakfast to kill the hunger.


You spend like 30 minutes cutting, mixing, cooking.... you're hungry, your stomach have a symphony but you want a decent delicious food so you keep doing your thing as quick as you can. The coffee is done, the dining table is ready, your mouth is salivating and you finally serve the food. Is pretty, it smell good, its delicious and you're proud of it! You take your phone out and take some pics, then go to your social networks and post it cause the entire world needs to see your delicious creation! Then finally the moment of truth, the first bite takes you to heaven! Your heart feels joy and your stomach finally shut up! Yeah! Everyday, the same thing! BTW, my pear/kiwi pancakes were delicious! Just made this post so y'all know how good they were! Ha!

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Hurricane Rider - Dessert Enthusiast - Amateur Photographer - Anime And Asian Movies Lover - Weird Poet - Make Laughs Not War!

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